Spirit and sigils list

Soooo… I was wondering if anybody can tell me of any grimoires I probably haven’t seen yet. And I have tons. I want another list of demons angels and spirits. And spirits as in the independent type of being not general spirits or the dead. So can anyone give me a list of spirits and their sigils? Plz don’t give me the obvious ones like the book of azazel or the kingdoms of flame. Especially not ars goetia because that’s always the answer. I want something new. More spirits. Thank you

It might help if we knew what you already have


Alright: the book of Azazel, the Kingdoms of flame, the book of Ahriman, Ars Goetia, grimorium verum, the black pullet, necronomicon, the book of Abramelin the mage, al azif cipher, I think that’s it. And I’m saving money for Heathen by Asbjörn Torvol

Smokeless Fire by S Ben Qayin
Also the other books in the Lesser Key of Solomon

Alright thank you

The “other spirits” tab here https://earthzonespirits.firebaseapp.com/ gives the Bardon entities, and the “Dukante + goetic sigils” PDF at http://demonolatry.org/library-archives/files-ebooks-downloads/ has demonic names with their seals.

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