Spiders and spiritulity

So the other night around 3:00pm ish, I was talking to Hecate for some glides and seemly out of no where a daddy long leg appeared I’m too right hand coner. And I nerve seen spider use come no where. I chick before my ritual and there was no spider or any web of sort

Also there been lot of time where spider are my dream, I also one had a black window sleep with me one time when I was camping, and seem I had no bit on me

So i giusee I’m asking is what gods or goddesses are related to spider ?


Hecate for one.

Others i know are Neith, Athena, Naamah and Lilith.

A few African, Asian and American deities are related to spiders but i don’t recall their names.

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I would ask Hekate if this was from her. Daddy long legs are a very common house spider.

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Firstly, this is one of the things that are fairly common among magicians.

Also, Dr. Google is your friend, it took me all of two seconds to type in “Spider Mythology” and the second hit was this very informative Wikipedia article.

Arachne and Ananse are sometimes considered deities although Arachne in Greek mythology was considered the mother of spiders and Ananse wasn’t always a god in African mythology but a very clever spider.

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Could have just been a curious spider drawn in by the energy of conversation. I’ve met quite a few of those. Did you talk to it?

me and another magician i know when Beelzebub is around a spider is around always. it usually disappears pretty damn fast as well.