Spiders and Arachne

Arachne suggested I do some research on spiders to discover the main uses for them. I need to level up my battle skills.

I’ve searched through a ton of threads and haven’t found any particularly useful information.

How do you make use of spiders in warfare and within your own ascent?

And can you recommend good books about Arachne?

“Spider Medicine”

Battle skills ?

The way I win fights with other sorcerers.

I’ve personally used spiders in terms of illusions from scanners without permission, I’ve used them as constructs that could poison the energy system if a person were to energetically attack me, they would follow the energy signature and do their thing, etc.

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Nice. I’m interested in the construct concept. Would you mind if I PM’ed you about that? As I’ve been enduring vampiric attacks from enemy sorcerers lately.