Sphere of energy while feeding crows

Recently, I’ve been feeding crows in an abandoned area right next to an off-leash dog park where they tend to congregate to. I’m not sure why I’m doing it; it feels like instinct. Plus, I’ve suddenly developed a fondness for them.

But that’s not what I’m here to talk about.

Yesterday, as I was feeding them, they all suddenly flew up and started circling around the center of the area. I noticed there was a huge sphere of energy where they were circling. It didn’t have a color; if anything, it was transparent. And then they flew away.

Some of them came back for the peanuts I gave them, but most of them just vanished. I’ve seen them do something similar to this (the random circling) but they always come back.

As for the energy, I tried to investigate the area where it was, but could find nothing. It left as quickly as it came.

Also, something I’ve been noticing is that the wind has been blowing harder and harder every day when I feed them. Not sure if it’s a weather thing or it has something to do with all of this, but I thought I’d write it down just in case.

So what was that about?


What direction were crows circling? Clockwise or Counter? Was the energy sphere still or spinning and also what direction? What was the Hour and Minute it happened? Maybe the time is related to something.

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Bless you! I love Ravens and Crows!
Sounds like they decided to repay the favor :wink:


What your describing isn’t anything unusual as crows are flying predators and are looking for prey. Both crows and ravens are sometimes seen deliberately circling smaller areas closer to the treetops. One reason for this is that they have spotted potential food or prey and are on the hunt. They also might be scoping out the area for predators or competition before landing to eat, the reason they launched when you started to feed them.

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Both the crows and the energy were circling counter clockwise at approximately 5:45 PM.

Hmmm. Check your thoughts whatever you were meditating on during that time. Maybe related.


Me too! They’re so smart and cute!


But what about the energy I saw.

I am unsure what kind of energy your perceiving, it has nothing to do with the crows around a dog park.

Seeing energy fields for me is a combination of looking through my own eyes and also interpreting information coming from other sense perceptions. Also realise that the earth displays energy fields too, and they may incorporate portals and vortexes, along with other anomalies.

Every person is unique and have their own energy patterns and intuition. These patterns form throughout the varying states, and although we may feel or see a physical effect in some way, the actual cause or imbalance could be on some other plane or from your mind.


Crows are everywhere, so like cats or other animals tend to show up everywhere with magick.

The significance of the energy and Crows has to do with the direction they were circling, because its related to a specific kind of energy. You said it was translucent. Thats common with that type of energy but it has a specific meaning/intent.

But its just different types of energy fields as to what it means you gonna have to scry into the energy more. I think the Crows are the easiest to reach animals to deliver a message for the spirits.

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In Vedic astrology feeding crows is a remedy for a debilitated Saturn in ones natal chart, meaning that you are strengthening your relationship with the energy of Saturn.
Azazel and Lucifuge Rofocale are such, but it could be others as well.


Keep in mind many animals are capable of using their own wild variety of magick and psychic powers. I mostly notice this in corvids, cats, snakes and some dogs, that is my own observation so it could very well be something they did for some reason. There is a lot more to them than most people would credit.


Whoa, awesome!