Spells to increase the chances of winning a contest?

Hello! I have a rather peculiar question: are there any spells which can help me significantly increase the chances of winning a contest? I will participate in a very important competition soon enough and I would like to know whether there are any spells that could help me win it. Thank you in advance :smiley:

What kind of contest?

There are many different kinds spells for different kinds of contests, so without knowing the nature of what you are competing in, it’s hard to recommend anything.

It’s a moot court competition. It involves pleadings and debates on a well-researched case :slight_smile:

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Yes, the book The Miracle of New Avatar Power has loads of contests and gambling style invocations in it.

One of the mentions the spirit Labezerin (pronounced LAH-BEES-EAR-EEN) and this is that mighty being’s sigil:



Do you mean a mock court? Like they do in law school? 'Cause I’m not sure what a moot court is…

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Yes, precisely, it is a competition between law schools. A mock trial :smiley:


Ah. Thank you for clarifying.

Instead of a spirit or spell for winning a contest, why not work with a spirit to make you excel at rhetoric and increase your skills in debate? There are many spirits in the Goetia who are said to be able to make one persuasive, and accomplished in oratory.


I think King Paimon will assist you here, search up his info on the forum, I was going to suggest Belial but between thinking that and going to reply, I saw King Paimon very clearly. :+1:

I think he’s the one to contact here.

Belial info anyway:


I was going to mention Belial as well because of the law aspect lol

But I concur with the Lady. King Paimon is your guy.