Spells / rituals to make someone ask you out?

I’m looking for something which would go a bit further than a contact spell.
A spell / ritual which would lead someone to contact you to actually see you, meet you in person. When I say ask you out, I don’t necessarily mean a date, just hangin’ around or whatever. The point is to get the target to suggest the meeting.

I could try petition or sigil for this but I’m wondering if you guys have anything else ? Curious to try other ways.
I know about Intranquility Spirit but I’d rather not mess with that right now :joy:

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Thanks ! I knew about the first one but don’t have access to the target’s hair. And the chicken heart oh my…:rofl: Although I’ve seen many spells using chicken heart, might as well do some more research about that.
I’ll check the other one :slightly_smiling_face:

You dont always have to use hair but its powerful, yes try the other one, theres so many spells in her channel might work in your favor
Take a look

Yeah I could use a picture or something the target has touched or has given me as a link !
yes lots of videos, I’ll check that out :+1:

Disregard all the icky ingredients for now. Read ‘Magickal Seduction’ by Damon Brand. Just follow the directions. It’s very effective and also lots of fun.


I read several of his books, mostly about wealth magick, but I will definitely check this one out ! thanks :slightly_smiling_face:

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