Spells or demons who can help with addictions?

My boyfriend comes from a family of addicts. His elder brother died of drug overdose. His sister is a recovering addict. His mom is an alcoholic. His other sister is addicted to pot (I think more of the blowing money on pot than smoking it part.)

Hes addicted to buying videogames. And he blows money for no reason.

Now I love videogames too. But this is literally him buying games that he isn’t going to play. Playing them almost all day. Letting his whole day get ruined over a videogame. It’s bad. He racks up money on credit cards.

Is there any spell that will help? He doesn’t even have a job. I love him but he is bigger and stronger than me and I cant talk to him about it. I’d like to help him so that he can still play games and enjoy them, but not let them rule his life. Can he even be fixed? I’ve been with him 6-7 years now. I had hoped he’d grow out of it. Hes going to be 23 this year and hes just getting worse.

Please if anyone can help I’d appreciate it.


Opfaal from the Kingdom of Flames can deliver someone from addiction. I have sent him to people to get rid of their addiction issues several times successfully.


Here you go. Give him a shot.


Fracas, Leviathan, Euronymous and I got a feeling in forneus

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Also Belial heard from a Facebook group can do this


I was thinking of King Belial too.

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Raphael (in some circs)
The person’s own Higher Self and/or ancestors

I’ve worked with all of these for my own benefit and people close to me, probably others but these jump to mind first.



I think I would enjoy his help for both myself and my boyfriend. But mostly my boyfriend. How do I ask for Opfaal’s help?

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Use his sigil.

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Yes, just open the sigil.

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Earth entities for retaining money, water entities for change. Demon alliances can easily be found online.

I have a very good rite thats proven success. But the person has to be on bored