Spells of magic

I got this description from spellsofmagic site. I want to buy the crystal ball. Is it suitable for evocation magick?

“This fine Crystal Ball is made from reconstituted Quartz Crystal. Manufactured by first pulverizing and then melting a powder of pure natural quartz and small percentage of glass. No lead is used in the process. The balls are then hand-carved from a solid clear block. The high quartz content results in a gorgeous and clear ball. Minor imperfections are normal and add to the character of the crystal and make each unique. These crystal balls are a great addition for any collection of divination, feng shui items and can also be used for meditation. Small wooden stand included. 3” (75 mm)."

Don’t know if a crystal ball would be suitable for Evocation, but it would be suitable for Divination :slight_smile:

So far I haven’t seen it be used in Evocation yet. But I’m not very experienced either.

I want to follow Rufus Opus form goetic magick. So crystal ball is in use.

A crystal ball can be used for an “astral” evocation in the same way a black mirror can be used.

John Dee and Kelly scried the Enochian angels in a “showstone,” which was a crystal sphere.

I’ve seen Dee’s crystal ball and it’s maybe slightly larger than a golf ball, so the size sounds about right.

Didn’t we have this conversation before? Anyway, thought I’d share that since it’d be a bit of a long trip for ya Amorifier, just to check the great man’s gear out. :slight_smile:

I was expecting it to be more grapefruit sized like the ones you see fortune tellers use in movies and stuff, but no, it was surprisingly small.

Please check my question again. We hv deviated from it. All I want to know is if the specifications given by that website is good.

The ball seems suitable for the task, if that’s what you mean - I don’t have experience buying from them though.

So if you mean will a ball with these specs work, I should think it would (solid quartz would be better) but if you mean do they deliver promptly etc., that’s not something I’d personally know.

shall know that that works efficiently in any work related to manifestation of entities. It kinda blow out light that will serve as a physical body for nonphysical entities. that is also good for crystal gazing.