SPELLHELP NEEDED:Begining a sexual and romantic Relationship with a Coworker

Hello all,
before I put my question for help here I want to tell you the Situation as it is now so you can better understand it. If you got any Questions please send me a PM:

I am now at this Job for about 8 Weeks and I totaly love my Job and like my Coworkers since we are like a big Familiy. But one specialy from another Department within this Company is attractiv. He is younger then me and has like 5 Persons inside him but hell his Eyes alone are wow. So we talked at first like Coworkers do and then I gave him my Number and Adress. He did send me SMSes and WA Texts (nothing out of the ordenary). Then we met at his Flat and had one time Sex and played Dart (he loves this). After the second Time doing that another female Worker joined us and I welcomed her with open Arms and talked with her and asked how she finds Thomas (his first Name) and she first said that he came across a bit agressive. But now they are like insapreble (sorry for misspelling) Friends and they say bad Things about others and seem to enjoy doing this.At the Time I am writing this he is for 3 Weeks on Vacation and after that it will start all over.So I feel that Time is of the Essence here. First I wanted to seperate them cus I am sure that their Friendship is not only at Work.

Now my Helpquestion: Is there a fast and easy Spell I could do so that he comes back to me sexual and/or romanticly? Best would be also seperäting from this Girl (who is having a Boyfriend of her own). I am comftable with any and every kind of Magic as long as it is explaned Step by Step and not to difficult as I am still a Beginner . I got Names of both, DOB from One, Picture of One.

Thank you for your Advises and like said above send me a PM if you got Questions.

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Great question, it seems he may be interested already in you seeing as how you both already had intercourse.

If you really want to put Magick into I have a spell that could help you that I’ve created personally.

Here’s what you need;

*Forget Me Not oil, & Irresistible Me oil, or Love & Attraction oil (available on Amazon for cheap)
*A picture of your target
*Date of birth of both you & your target
*Brown paper bag/virign parchment paper
*A red pen
*Red or Pink candle

  • Rose herbs or Pedals

Firstly rip your bag or parchment paper twords you, & then turn it clockwise & repeat until all 4 sides are torn. Then repeat this process until the paper is the size you want it to be for your petition

Second; Write your targets full name & DOB 3 times one under the other. Then turn your petition paper clockwise & write your full name & DOB 3 times one under the other across your targets name/DOB. Then turn it once more clockwise, & write what your desire is. Make it short, & to the point i.e “love me” “Don’t forget about me” “I am irresistible to you” etc etc.

Thirdly; Chose whichever oil you want to use first, & dab some on your finger (whichever you feel appropriate for this spell) & anoint the petition paper by pressing your finger in the middle of it, then above & below where you originally pressed. Repeat the process with the other oil but do not press above & below, press to the left & right of the middle.

Fourth; Anoint the candle with the oils by taking one of the oils at a time & dabbing your pointer finger, & thumb, & stroking the candle upwards all the way to the top of the wick all the way around stating what they are, & what they’re going to do. State your petition out loud as well at this time 3 times. Place the candle on the middle of your petition

Take your rose herbs/pedals & sprinkle them on the parts of the petition you didn’t press with the oils stating.

“Roses symbolizes love. As I add these rose herbs/pedals (whichever you’re adding) The Love for me is added into you”

Repeat this 4 times then light the candle.

Meditate on your desired outcome. Feel the feelings of what it’ll be like when you get your results. Imagine your targets love for you, & what that would be like. Picture you & your target doing whatever it is you want to do with them in your relationship with them. Imagine what it would be like when you have them as yours, when your hands at the base of your petition, only letting your fingertips touch the petition as a to symbolize, you making a gateway for your intention to be added into your petition.

Keep imagining all of these things until you find it hard to concentrate on them. Keep feeling those feelings until you find it hard to muster them. At this point, you have added your full intent into the spell. Thank the universe or whomever it is you believe is of higher power/will play a part in helping you reach your results.

Let your candle burn all the way down but be sure to not let it catch anything on fire. Even if you have to come back & burn the candle over a few days or so.

Once the candle has burned down completely take the remains to a crossroads & leave them there or leave the ritual area as it is if you’re able too, & want too

If you take them to a crossroads after the candle is burnt down DON’T look at back them, it will nix the spell work. Leave them there & be on your way.

If you leave your ritual area as it is until your results manifest, don’t look at the ritual site, or Disturb the ritual site in any way until manifestation. Then take the remains to the crossroads & follow the process listed above

I hope this helps!!

Thank you for this Spell, I will try to gather the Things needed as in Germany some Things are either not to get or very difficult to get like the Oils. Since our Customs are one of the strictest ones in the World they sometimes take out Things of the Package. And if I order it from the States it normaly takes a Month to get here even longer now (if your lucky to get it) because of Corona. I do have two Oils though from a female Practioner: commanding Love & Love Haunt Oils.

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If you can’t get those specific oils the ones you have will work as well!!

Hoodoo is great for working with what you got!! Even if it’s not exactly what the spell calls for, it will work just as well!!

I didn’t know that could happen over there :sob::sob:

Let me know how this turns out for you!! :slight_smile::slight_smile:

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I will try the Spell today. Even trough my Motherlanguage is not english ( I am German) I can speak english very well and thus using it often. I hope it is ok if I do not have brown parchment :scroll:. I got other Colors or Cardboxpaper.

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Whichever language is easier for you to cast in is best!! Magick knows no tongue!!

That’ll be okay too!! Hoodoo is great in that way, even if you don’t have what the spell specifically calls for, it’ll still work without a doubt!!

Best wishes to you!! Thank you for keeping me posted, & I can’t wait to hear about your results!! If you ever have any questions feel free to pm me whenever :slight_smile::slight_smile:

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I did the Spell and the Candle is still burning as directed in the Spell. I do not know at which Point the Picture of the Target comes into it as I can not see were it says it in the Spell to use it.

Wilest I had my Fingertips at the Petition and tryed to meditate (I always do it with Eyes closed and think of it and sometimes I even see what I think), it was like mild Electricity going into me. Does it mean I did it right and who ever heard me is going to make it work? As of this writing I wait for the Candle to burn out and then will take it to the crossroads as directed . I hope little ones will do as we do not have big ones in our Neighbourhood and I hope it will show Results fast (about 2 Weeks).

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I did forget to write about the picture I’m sorry!! The picture is there just to help direct the Magick at the person more specifically, just having it at your alter helps it direct your energy, your Magick, & the spell itself at your target I’m sorry I forgot about that!!

That’s the feeling you want when preforming any spell!! You were indeed preforming the spell correctly!! :grin::grin:

Any crossroads will do!!