Hey guys, im really interested in doing some spellcasting for diverse stuff here.
For a spell to work, is it critically necessary to get into theta-gamma state? Im praticing to get deep and deeper in that state until i can reach rapture, but until there i want to do other stuff also, like spellcasting. Is it a pre-requisite to have or i can try some spells without reaching rapture or very deep trance state?

(I already got that i wont be evoking spirits without rapture)


From what I know, getting into the theta-gamma state is of critical importance in order to have success with any ritual/meditation. The more able you are to induce this state at will, the more powerful results you will have.
Also, if you haven’t already read them take a look at these newsletters where EA gives some extremely useful advice on how to have success with spellcasting and rituals in general:




Wow, thanks a lot Dimitris. I didnt know Eric posted such things.