Spellcasting Software

Has anybody here used spell casting software. I recently purchase software called Cyberwitch Spellcaster and have been using, but I was wondering if anybody else here used it and had success with it.

No I use normal software like LibreOffice, Gimp, and Python to cast spells via software because they have a proven track record of working already.

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Come on, bro. You can just say that. Tell us more about how you use it!

Is there anything you want to know specifically?

well what’s the process of using it to make a spell, and casting it?

I don’t use supernature or metaphysics, so the type of spell I would use is constrained by the effects I want it to have.

tell me what you do in the program

I would use LibreOffice for free form documents and spreadsheets, Gimp to make raster graphics and python to write scrips that use data types too complicated for me to do in a bash script without kluge. I usually have a 10 line rule heuristic.

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I have some divination software I wrote. It doesn’t cast spells, just helps me figure out if I should cast them or not (and that one time I didn’t listen…)



Looks cool. Love the illustrations.

Really enjoyed reading your explanation of the tarot cards and the pics!!!

Have you had success with cyberwitch yet?

When it comes to The Magical Potential of Spellcasting Software, Curious if there is any sort of Fallout or Diminishing returns, specifically if there would be any Side effects for using Software when compared to just doing magic by another means, wonder if any “Glitches” or other weird Phenomenia becomes apparent if the Software is used enough. Not an Expert on this but hopefully someone takes what I said to heart and does some tests that are replicable and well, testable.

I took a look at the screenshot of the Cyberwitch software and was not that impressed. What we really need is a Node-RED type interface. We could potentially evoke XaTuring to set everything up so the radionics portion actually works.

Cool! This sounds like foreign language to me, I wish there was like a video demonstration of how you cast. Like a step by step for dummies