Spell to Help a Dog Please?

My brother has a dog that remains cooped up in the fence in his back yard all the time because he works very long hours, his new company literally never gives him a break. His wife works full time too and so does his son and daughter that currently live with him, they are never home and when they are they are too tired to interact with their dog or too lazy by then to care. And the children in that house that are old enough to help out with the dog are so spoiled and shitty they think taking care of a dog is beneath them so they sit on their ass inside the house messing around on their expensive ipads and gadgets.

The dog is not abused. They took him in to help out a friend that moved to a new home where dogs were not allowed and the lady didn’t want him to end up at the pound and be killed so my brother took him in but his new job leaves him no time for his dog at all, and he is literally the only one in that house that interacts with the dog when he can. Dogs are social creatures they hate to be cooped up in fences. No one has ever been home long enough to teach this dog obedience. He will not sit or stay, he doesn’t understand commands because he doesn’t know what a command is like my dog does. He escapes from the fence multiple times a week, they are outside fixing the fence right now (my brother and his son finally got a day off work) because there are 17 holes all around the perimeter of the fence line where the dog digs his way out every other day.

I understand his behavior, because he hasn’t been taught rules or disclipline, he genuinely does not know better and he is only 9 months old. To train a dog it takes constant persistance and reinforcement.

When he gets out, he immediately comes over here because there is always someone home over here and I have a dog which we loves, so he wants to socialize and get attention. Understandable again, but he jumps on people and gets mud all over your clothes, slobbers all over your cigarette making it unsmokable and burns his nose in the process. Telling him no, get down, stop, bad boy, he has no clue what those words mean. He backs off for 2 seconds like please don’t be mad, then immediately does it again wiggling his little tail and grinning.

You can’t stay mad at him because he is so damn sweet and lovable and it’s not his fault he has never been taught how to behave but he won’t stop. He pees all over the porch, the chair legs, yard decorations and my dog does NOT do that, he goes out into the yard but being a dog his natural instincts kick in so when my brothers dog pees on everything my dog feels like he must also pee on those things to remark his territory. I don’t get mad at my dog for that because that’s just his nature but if this continues my brother’s dog is going to eventually reinforce to my dog that it’s okay to do that.

He will not let my dog use the bathroom when he comes over, he literally sticks his nose in my dog’s private areas every 2 seconds, he even sits there and puts his nose on it while my dog is peeing and starts drinking my dogs pee right from his little “boy firehose” and my dog hates that because my dog is fixed but my brother’s dog is not fixed, he is wild and starting to get his horny urges. Every step my dog takes the other dog follows him like a shadow with his nose glued to my dog’s boy parts. My dog has bitten him on the nose after I gave him permission to do so and he doesn’t even understand it means that my dog doesn’t like him. My dog is one of those that loves people but cannot stand to be around other canines.

I can’t even get in the door when he is loose because he weighs 45 pounds and is not even fully grown yet and he literally shoves his way in the door even when I stand with only one foot inside the door. My brother is dead set on keeping this dog but his family hates dealing with it because they don’t realize he is so disobedient because he has never been trained and he requires attention which he never gets. THEIR fault entirely! This is going to eventually turn into a fight between my mom and my brother.

I need a spell or something because I want my brother to give this dog away to someone who has time to work with it. He is such a sweet dog that he deserves a chance at being happy with a family that has a stay at home wife that can teach him and care for him properly. I do not want to wake up and find this dog dead on the road because he doesn’t know to move when a car comes, but my brother is stubborn and won’t give him up.

I do not want to bother King Paimon with this because I have been working with him a lot lately for my own needs and contacting him for other people and don’t want him to consider me annoying to the point he ignores me completely. I can do this myself, if someone can recommend a spell for rehoming a dog. Something to make my brother realize he is only harming the dog by holding on to it. The longer this goes on the harder it will be for any new owners to train and disclipine the dog. You can’t teach an old dog new tricks and I have seen dogs out to death because no one was able to train it properly. The dog should not have to face death by car or by euthanization because humans are lazy and selfish pricks.

Seems like what you need is someone to want to rehome the dog, and to communicate that in a way that your brother will hear, and be receptive of. Maybe he needs to be more aware of how the dog’s not really wanted by anyone else, especially his kids? A lot of people think a dog’s “for” their children, when the children have no interest. So maybe he needs to really open his eyes to the pup’s situation when he’s out all day.

I completely understand your problem, and worries it’s affecting your own dog (we have mutts, just the one right now but I know how easily their good training can be undone).

I don’t know exactly how you’d go about it, but doesn’t Hecate have an interest in dogs?

No one in that house communicates. They work or go to college all the time then get home and spoil the shit out of their bratty ass rotten kids. Even my brother does the same thing. So focused on making those kids little hellions because he thinks spoiling is a good thing that he can’t even see what’s going on in his own house with his other family members. So I seem to be the only one concerned with the dog around here.

I know families like that… IMO you need to draw someone into the dog’s life using magnetic iron (I’ve found iron, not stainless steel, good for animals and natural spirits), maybe ask Hecate or another spirit to oversee it, so that person becomes as motivated as you and also in love with the dog, then open his ears and eyes to how badly it needs a new home.

That’s how I’d try to do it I guess, if there was no reason not to. Poor pup, I known how easily they can become un-rehomable, or like you said get out and end up run over, it’s horrible.

Maybe send him some dreams to encourage him to understand how lonely the dog feels?

For the longest time I held off on doing anything for the dog, not sure what route to take without causing a fight in the family but about 8 days ago I wrote my own spell and asked that any gods or goddesses that love animals would step in and help find the dog a home. Just now, my dad informs me that 3 days ago my brother suddenly had a change a heart and decided to give the dog away to a couple who lives in the country on a farm.

The couple emailed him photos today of the dog all cleaned up and laying inside on his very own soft doggy pillow, with a pile of toys, by the fire place. The couple recently lost their bassett hound who died of old age and volunteered to take my brother’s hound and give him a good home.

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That’s SO lovely, I was wondering how it had turned out! :heart:

Thanks for the update. :slight_smile: