Spell to get someone to stop talking about their child

As you can see from the title of this thread this is a unusual request.

So I have a former friend turned acquaintance who got herself pregnant and keeps going on about her child constantly.

At first I thought it was new mum syndrome but it’s becoming so frustratingly intolerable especially as it’s been going on for two years.

The child is now 2 years old and she keeps going on about how her child is more intelligent than other children ever second of every day and how I should get a child in my life to complete myself.

She will ring me just to tell me her child is amazing, her child is beautiful etc and unless I have a child then I’m not a valuable member of society. She messages me and rings me multiple times a day and it’s giving me a headache

I’ve told her I’m fed up of her talking about her child and she needs to leave me alone. I’ve blocked her number but she will call me/message me from other numbers just to tell me about her child. I don’t know if she is doing it deliberately now just to frustrate me.

I’ve tried the freeze spell and that worked for some time and while there is nothing stopping me from trying the freeze spell again I wanted to see if there were any other options


All I can say is give her a few years. She’ll change her tune.


I feel sorry for that child as it gets older, goes to school, and is expected to be the best star child :confused:


Ugh, I can’t stand those child obsessed people, honestly. I think some people, especially women (although I am one) don’t realise, they have a purpose in life other than motherhood and that not being a Mother, does not make you invaluable in life.

I would say to do a general shut up spell and specify in the spell, that she is to shut up about her kids.

Best of luck.


People who always want others to know about how special and intelligent their children are, are doing this either to compensate about something they weren’t able to achieve in their own life, or they want to feel secure by showing others that they’re doing it right and that they are good parents.
And the fact that she doesn’t stop talking about her child in general can have several reasons also. Does she have other friends whom she talk to? Friends who share her life reality of having kids?
Maybe her life now consists only of the kids, which can happen.

You could solve your problem not only by cutting away the negative aspect, but also by (magickally) increasing positivity in her life.
Give her the feeling of being enough.
Bring others into her life, others who like to talk about children, so she stops bothering you with it.

Just an idea.


God you’re a fucking awesome person :raised_hands:


But also it would probably be helpful to find a way to ignore this. Just a easier path than making someone stop gushing about their passion


Exactly I agree. Women have a purpose other than motherhood. Any idea of how to do a general shut up spell, as I’ve never done one before

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Thanks!!! Although I would like to ignore her that hasn’t worked so far.

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I agree, there is often a psychological reason people behave this way.

She is a member of several baby groups where I presume she obsesses over how perfect her kids are alongside all the other parents/mothers. I’ve never been to any of these groups as I do not have kids myself.

While the idea of increasing her positivity is a interesting one, this is not really the route I want to go down. After 2 years of dealing with my friends nonsense I don’t really care about her own positivity

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Arathron, Olympic Spirit of Saturn, can prevent them from talking to you, or talking to you about their children.

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Maybe she is really insecure inside and wants reassurance that her kids are as smart as the others.
I can understand that it annoys you, I just think it helps to see things through the eyes of the other person.

That doesn’t mean you have to endure everything, but more understanding can help you solve the situation in the best way.


I’m going to be honest when I say understanding about kids has never been my strong point.

I come from a completely different perspective where I have never needed or wanted kids which makes this situation more difficult for me.

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No, not understanding about kids. But understanding the reason why she acts like that.

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I could try but I don’t really care to know why she behaves this way. I’m sorry if this appears close minded and I do apologise if this sounds blunt but I tend to lack this sympathy/empathy for her.

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Nah you don’t need to apologise. You were asking for other options so that’s why I answered. But it’s your thread and your choice.


Knowing me and my smart mouth, I would have told her it’s cute her kid is more intelligent than other children, but unless the kid can help fix this pandemic & the after affects and find a way to control COVID, then STFU and go on ahead somewhere. There’s more important things going on in the world than gushing over your kid 24/7.

Just wait 10 years…no, 5 when they start talking back to you and defying you, trying your patience etc. I have 4 of them and like clockwork, as soon as they start talking I wish I could go back to the days where they just smiled when I said something. I’m a mom, and I love my babies, I’m proud of who they are and what they can do, but at the same time, I’m humble and wouldn’t throw them in anyone’s face…because frankly nobody gives a rat’s ass except me :woman_shrugging:t5: That’s just how it is.

But magickally, I agree with the other posters, attract more positive things and circumstances into her life to focus on, do a shut up spell or hot foot spell.

Good luck, I know this is super annoying.


Thank you and I want to say how much I do appreciate your responses

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Yeah a shut up spell or hot foot spell sounds like the way to go.

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I’m not sure if giving spells are permitted here, however if it violates any guidelines I’m sure the mods will remove it.

But to the spell, so we need things to symbolise her shutting up, if you can purchase a cows or lambs tongue that would be great, if not, you can use the tongue of a shoe or anything that would represent a tongue, if not you can find something that symbolises lips and then get back string and tie it tightly around her tongue, to symbolise her mouth being bound shut every time she thinks to mention her kids and heck, anything else you don’t want her to mention.

If you can’t use any kind of animal’s tongue, you can use a woman figure candle and put a pin over its mouth.

Here are some shut up spells from a very good Arabic witch I follow on YouTube just for inspiration:

  1. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=y2lgEw6yGN8



Next, you can if you want, use petition paper and write down things in the present tense, like “(name) speaks no more about her children”

“(name) does not think about her children when around me”

“(name) does not send me texts or messages about her children”

“(name) only mentions her children if and when I bring it up in conversation or unless it’s absolutely necessary”

You could also write your name all around the petition to symbolise you dominating the situation.

A skull candle would be good, specifically a purple skull candle to represent controlling her mind, her thoughts and therefore what she does and doesn’t talk about, if this is not doable you can use a normal purple taper candle. Black will work well too with both kinds of candles.

Control oil or shut up oil would be good if you can get that.

Get a disposable foil tray, similar to the one pies come in, but large enough to fit all the contents of your spell.

Put the petition paper in first, with some controlling and shut up oil on it, anoint the candle in controlling and/or shut up oil, and then light it and drop some wax on to the foil so the candle can rest in place without falling over.

Then everything else.

Speak your intentions over the spell with conviction and feel how you would feel, once you’ve achieved your results, but try to behave as if you’ve already got your results and even use things like amethyst to control her mind, lavender, to make her think it was her own idea and gold glitter, to disguise the spell, also causing her to believe this was her own idea, glitter also acts as a way to disguise your working.

Best of luck!

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