Spell To Change Someone's Mind In Order To Protect a Child?

So here’s the deal, I need help protecting my eight year old sisters mind from my mom’s dangerous diet mentality. My mom has been obese her entire life and in exchange has developed a very unstable idea of diets. She forced me on to one when I was 8 (and healthy) and it has created a history of eating disorders and self hate in my own life, yet for some reason she is insisting of continuing the cycle.

My mom is recently following the new OMAD fad (a diet where you eat one 800 - 1200 calorie meal a day and then fast for 22 -24 hours) and my youngest sister “wants” to do the same. Chloe is very healthy and amazingly strong and for some reason my mom just insists on providing all of her children with mental illness and damaging our potential. I know my sister. There is no way she will be able to eat more than 450 calories before she is full, and then strave the rest of the day. She’ll end up eating later, feel guilty, punish herself and then before you know it we’ve lost another girl in the family to the binge, starve, punish, food cycle.

My mom does this with all of us in one way or another, be it with physical and emotional abuse, ED habits, or Christianity. How do I put a stop to this? No matter how much I try common sense is not working.

Spells, demons, curses, anything would be helpful.

King Paimon would be good for changing people’s minds. Belial also comes to mind, though I’m not sure why.


Thank you, my family is fucked in the head and if i can’t reverse the damage that’s already been done, the least I can do is prevent anymore.

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Belial to strengthen your sister’s will against your mother’s influence.

Archangel Raphael to help keep her healthy.


I recently had good success using a domination spell from NAP along with focused thought and energy on what I want. If you happen to have the book or can find a copy.

“Mightiest Dynamis There are those over whom I would have ultimate power so that obey my every word and thought. Bring Thy mystic energy to bear on me such that I radiate your power. Impress those that I commend to bend to my will at all times. I command Thee with the Words: AH-GAH-LAH-OH-TEE-MEE-TIE. So mote it be.”

Direct copy of the text of the spell from the book New Avatar Power. Apply it to your mother or as you see fit and focus on the influence you want while visualizing yourself suffused by commanding power. From what I have found so far doing some quick research Dynamis is not a specific spirit but more like an archetypal force and possibly an entire class of Angel/Dynamic spirit. It calls first on the latent power inside yourself however and you have to have absolute faith in this power. You can augment by performing a small ritual usually casting a circle performing such as the LBRP and then calling down vital energy to suffuse yourself and the area in the circle and taking it in while you focus on the spells incantation to program it but the mental certainty is the key point.


Seere can swing decisions in your favour. Orias is said to be a mind manipulator.