Spell to Attract Soulmate?

Does anyone have a spell to attract a soulmate? I’ve gone through a lot of cheaters and liars hoping to meet the ever-lasting one but obviously no luck. I want them to be brought into my life so I know them and can be with them forever. Is there any spells you guys know that can attract them and bring them into my life with the same interest for me that I will have for them?


I think what you are asking for is a twin flame. A soulmate could be anyone from your family member to a close friend. A twin flame is an exact counterpart and not everyone gets to have a twin flame. So, don’t keep high hopes.

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Whatever it’s called, I just want that One Love that will last a lifetime ya know?


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Work with the Spirit Tul, from Kingdoms of Flame. He “will reveal to the magician who summons him the secrets and knowledge of Love and Soul Mates. He can see the heart’s truth, and knows what must be done to win the love of another, or to find love within oneself.”

His sigil is available on the forum.


@chthonicmagus is correct, you are seeking a twin flame. However expectation and reality are at odds on this one. First, most people don’t find their twin flame in this lifetime. If you do, it’s rare and is an indication you (both) are on the breakthrough to an entirely different level of ascension.

But. It’s still a human relationship and should be treated as one. There is always a runner and a chaser and it sounds like you’re the chaser so you’d be set up for heartbreak. There are certain things that happen with every set of twin flames and it’s part of the package but it’s not pleasant. Your twin may be spiritually dense, they may be completely opposite of your beliefs, or they may be downright garbage. It’s still a human. It requires human work and the only “ fate” involved is that they will continue to cross each other each lifetime until they finally connect.

Some disagree with the twin flame theory stating that we are gods in our own right and independently operated. I disagree, I don’t believe we are gods so long as we are in human form. We are not ascended masters yet or we wouldn’t be where we are. Each spirit has male and female aspects which indicates two counterparts involved - we as humans also do so that would make sense because we are split from one.

I’ve derailed your request enough, but consider what you’re asking before you seek it out. Perhaps a steady and stable mate is all you need. If that’s the case you have many options there.

Good luck - X


What the hell is Twin Flame? ANd how is it different for The concept of Soul-Mate?

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Twin flames are theoretically two parts of the same spirit. Literally your other half, the part you seek your entire life.

Soul mates are basically kindred spirits or those that have a purpose in your life and you connect well and comfortable with. It could be an animal, a family member, a lover, and you can have many.

Twin flames mirror each other and force each other to grow and ascend because they are two of the same. It can and often does get ugly. As humans, many can’t handle it.


Do you know how to do angelic invocations / have a magick circle (if not, let me know, I’ll gladly help you with solutions to that) :wink:

This is a being that can bring great satisfaction, I can speak of experience :slight_smile:

Lotir appears seated on a large white throne made
of pearl. With her come several angels who worship her on
her throne and sing praises of her majesty and grace. Lotir
is possessed of porcelain skin that is in constant glow. Her
blond hair is always in perfect waves, dancing on shoulders
and her back. Her eyes are dreamy, as if she always is
seeing in her mind the face of the one she loves, and on her
red lips is a smile that is only seen on a young girl who has
just received her first kiss from her true love.
Lotir rules over love and all matters of the heart.
She is concerned, however, only with that which is True
Love, never playing fool’s advocate in lustful and
gluttonous emotions. If love is True, Lotir can rearrange
the stars to bring it to fruition.

Cheers :wink:


@Hermes what is her Sigil? What is her Evocation/incantation for summoning? Anything special she likes Offering wise?

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she functions greatly without offerings, she’s very efficient in transforming your energy as well.
what I advise is to when you talk to her, allow yourself to merge with the energies you feel, allowing them to enter you by having an- open heart conversation about about everything with her, making sure you add every single little detail about what you wish for and like, for maximal satisfaction. A magickal partner can be one of the most relevant things to ask for in relation to the God-Mind in general, to make sure you can both ascend and mutually support eachother and be a great magickal team. (just sharing my experience with the mechanics of the cosmic and relationships…;
Cheers… :slight_smile:


Hello AradiaX and Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family.
I’m new and I will like to learn,
I want to ask you if you know any very powerful love spell who can make that other special some one be with you , and not be with another person, only thing about you, and only spend time with you, The it is true this can be done?

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Hi @Ivan1722 and happy thanksgiving to you and yours :grinning:. There ARE plenty of love spells out there but I’ll be perfectly frank and give you my insight. The kind of spell you are seeking would be a manipulation spell, often mislabeled as a “ love spell.” You can’t make someone love you - not with a spell atleast. Magical and mundane efforts go hand in hand so…

You need to start by getting into the persons mind. You have to learn them and basically rewire their thoughts. All things come from thoughts first. Continue to do this until you have focused their attention and thoughts on you. Removing others as well.

In the meantime you’ll learn about them and what they like and don’t like and play on those things. Everyone is like a different puzzle and it takes time. You should also work on YOURSELF raising your vibration and invoking the essence of love by means of meditation or seeking out spirits to assist with it.

Then, when you are with the person there are plenty of charms you can lay to solidify your work.

There’s quite a bit that goes into it and you will be working on it for the long haul.

Now love spells to ENHANCE what’s already there or ignite the flames in a lack luster relationship - yes those exist and are effective. Or spells to bring a certain type of love or person to you are extremely effective.

Note all the work both magically and mundane that goes into this sort of thing? I don’t do love spells for this reason. I don’t feel any person is worth all of that time and energy. You can polish a rock all you want and it still won’t turn into a diamond.

Good luck! - X :black_heart:


Thank you for the info, is not for me
I have some one who has been 10 years with out find her other half because of his work and every time it make approach a girl
she is married or have a boyfriend

I try a spell. Whre i wrote adonai in a small cloth in red, and bury in a oak tree, i got it from a uk publisher ebook., do it work.? Its was cool sudendly all girls star chatting, talkin etc to me. And made good friendships tat way. Give a try. Due to no public anothers site, or books from others competition. I cnt give name.

Zorrito I can give you my email and then you can give me the info, for the ebook.

Hey I petitioned this spirit and it went very interestingly. I had a list of characteristics i’m looking for a man a little distance from a figure candle (man and woman) that I incorporated into the petition, I carved LOTIR’s sigil at the base on the candle. Well I was in my room heard a sound the petition paper got caught in the flame leading to the candle to literally go down in flames. The result some kind of animal face in the candle, the number 4 formed on the ground in the wax as well. Some unusual activity in as well as seen near the number on the floor on the right in a greenish hue. Pic below.

I also did a spell to attract a soulmate asking Rosier for assistance. The candle burnt into a heart.


Um…that is the whole point of a “sugar daddy.” You provide the sex, and they provide the money.

You’re not going to find any wealthy man who will support you for nothing in return, no matter what kind of spell you throw.

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You can’t ignore facts. Sorry, it’s just not going to happen, whether you believe in the impossible or not. No one can fly unaided, no matter how much they flap their arms and believe they can.

Wealthy people became wealthy by understanding the investment of time versus cost. In order to be willing to engage in a “sugar daddy” relationship, a wealthy person has to see the investment as worth their time and money, which generally means they need to see how it benefits them, and that benefit is usually sex. There’s no escaping that simple fact of human psychology.

Rather than a sugar daddy, you would be better off looking for what is called a patron, which is a wealthy person who supports an artist or other creative, so that they can focus on producing their art. This is an old practice, still around, though not to the extant that it once was, and then you don’t have to worry about any sex being part of the bargain.

Have you thought of using a Spare-style sigil? Just write out the intent of what you’re looking for, turn it into a glyph, and then fire it off in an altered state of consciousness. Your subconscious will then work to manifest it.