Spell Recommendations or Advice

Hey Everyone,
I’m looking for either a type of spell that will end the friendship of 2 people permanently. No harm on either parties, nothing of that sort is deserved…Preferably just for one party to decide they no longer want anything to do with the other and block them from their life and move on from the other sort of thing. Or some suggestions on what my next steps as the spell caster can be.

I want to note that I don’t want any type of spell that I have to keep forever…for example I know of many jar spells but you have to keep the jar in your freezer for an undetermined amount of time…I don’t have room for this stuff lol and also I can’t bury anything either…so I am a little more limited in the spells I can perform.

A few things to note:
2 different workings have been applied to the situation already.
The first working was intention based, and every hour or so say something along the lines of “a and b are no longer friends” while envisioning them separating…this actually backfired and brought them closer together in the sense that they started talking more often then they normally did.
The second working, was my own version of a lemon separation spell…and I will admit I kind of fucked up on it, I disposed of one half of the lemon, and was keeping the second half in the fridge to dispose of in a separate location…however my boyfriend decided to clean out the fridge that day and threw it out. I take responsibility for that blunder because I can’t expect him to see a rotting lemon and want to keep it lol
The lemon spell sort of worked, at least temporarily as there was a few months that went by with no communication…but there was recent communication and I want to ensure that there is none, not a happy birthday, no more friendship, not even acquaintances.

Looking forward to reading your replies!