Spell for initiating a conversation?

Hello everyone. I know there are several contact me spells posted on this forum, but I reckon they work best with people you already have an established connection with. In my case, I would like to cast a spell that would make someone I have only talked to once (roughly a week ago; we do not know each other in real life, but we have many common friends IRL - we live in the same city and our universities are relatively close to each other) initiate a conversation. I initiated the first conversation (which ended up being a nice 2-hour long conversation), after which said person liked my posts and watched every single story I have posted ever since (I took these as slight signs of possible interest). Thank you in advance!

Ahhh, so attraction and magnetism magick?
I have found spellwork is most helpful for manifesting results, but if you want to create something beyond a single result, I would nudge you toward a way of being, so that you attract this person to you for more than just 1 more convo…

This is along the vein of what I’m studying right now, so I’ll give you my quick and dirty notes:

This work is the divine feminine in action. You should seek to be open to receiving what you want, worthy of receiving, and sure that you will receive (and agnostic to source of provision).

  • polarity is a key for Manifesting, but becoming the reciprocal of what you seek is the key to Attraction.
  • do not need the interaction. Need is the polar opposite of attraction, which means if you are stuck in that vibration, you should manifest its opposite.
  • become unlike the others, in every action and word. The act of crafting seduction is the art of making love. Let yourself be guided by a love that is worshipful and respectful.
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that’s what I had to do. Consequently once the shift happened like 5 girls I crushed on came forward and said they crushed on me too. The trick is to feel their energy and match that in an honest way. It won’t happen overnight, unless you can manipulate your energy perfectly, and even then the manifestation won’t happen that quickly. It takes a long while to really get a relationship going.

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Very interesting that you (I’m assuming male) used feminine aspects to attract women. How did that work out in the relationship?

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Honestly having femininity helps with linking with the female psyche because of familiarity to them. For instance my current girlfriend, one of the crushes, said she feels like she knew me for decades. We are way closer than most people in the 1 month territory.


Fascinating…thanks for sharing!
Lots to mull over with that “familiarity” link.

As a woman, I’ve spent the last decade (my 20s) leaning into my masculinity and it helped me win at business, but I found myself perhaps a bit too much “one of the boys.” Returning to feminity now (pendulum swing) but aiming for deeper and more balanced and intentioned in each aspect.


Balance is the key to most things in life. It’s important to be in tune with masculinity and femininity, and being able to switch them whenever need be. gods are androgynous for a reason.


They should work for anyone really as long as you know the name of the target and or have a sympathetic link like pictures and such!
You can also alter the spells for unknown person! Like “perfect friend” its all in your intent!
If its just a conversation you want then work with mercury! It deals with communications! If its love then Venus!

though I must add that with love it’s easy to overshoot your intent

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with love its fine if your casting for unknown future person! It gets nutty when its a know person! Sometimes the person gets obsessed with you or flat out runs the other way :woman_shrugging: because it’s a battle of well and they don’t aline with your vibration…

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which is why I do the method I mentioned above

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