Spell for finding out guardian spirit?

Just wondering if anyone knows any specific rituals, spells, entities and other methods that can help me figure out who my guardian spirit is


There’s a core shamanism method to find your animal spirit helper, that’s a key part of that system - I’ll PM you the method for it.

New Avatar Power gives you a system to find a magickal mentor, which is different but equally simple and useful. I don’t know the copyright status of that but you should be able to find the exercise described somewhere online.

There are other methods and systems to find angelic or demonic beings, I didn’t use those when I was younger though so someone who has successfully used them might be better able to help.


One thing I will say, is that one has a massive multitude of protectors in place. It can quite literally be like trying to find a cell in your hand. But that doesn’t mean it’s impossible.
I personally recommend meditations, over anything else.


Hmm okay. Do you know a spell that would help me find out which spirit is most prominent in my life?


No. I still say meditation is a good way, versus a ritual.
Edit: other than the fact I just don’t know any.


A spell is something I associate with changing reality, more than finding information - you kind of have to do something to reach out and let the spirit know you’re there.

Think of it like going on a dating site, the chicks aren’t going to jump out of your monitor and land in your lap just because you thought of it, you need to put your interest out there and make first contact on that “plane” by joining the site and setting up a profile, same with employment agencies, and so on.


As it’s already been said, a spell usually implies creating a change, rather than learning something about yourself/finding out something which you already have.

That said, the best way to find out your guardian’s name, in my opinion, is this:

  1. Having desire to meet your guardian. Desire is very important.

  2. Channel this desire while meditating, and keep asking, “Who is my guardian? What is your name?” You should eventually get some sort of response.


Hey Lady Eva, could you possibly pm me the method as well…even though this forum is probably super old.


A little over a year ago, i was curious about my spirit guides or guardians as well.

I sat outside, got into a meditative state and stared at the stars. After getting my meditation zen on, i asked for my spirit guides to give me their names. I had two pop into my head

(The first one was ‘light’ and the other one was a demonic name. I got a little weirded out and disregarded the demon’s name at the time, as i was still a little bit green)

  1. Meditation
  2. Ask their names
  3. Profit

Can I ask for the method as well please :slight_smile:


could i try it please