Spell for College Admission

Is there any spell that i can use to ensure my admission at a specific college

Sure, you could enchant your application much like you would charge a sigil. If it is an online one, print it out in how many pages necessary to get all of it on paper, fill it out by hand as neat as you can, bleed on it (a few drops is more than enough. You can use saliva as well) and push your will onto it by visualizing an acceptance letter from the school with your name on it, visualizing the image dissolve into the paper. Then burn it, fill out the online version and forget about it.

Edit: a great way to forget about it is by focusing on your current school work to help further increase your success rate.


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Thx for the advice but I would also like to ask if you’d be able to guide me on charging a sigil cause I’m still new to magick and i don’t know the correct process of charging a sigil

It is pretty easy once you get the hang of it. Usually, you would take a sigil and draw it by hand (or print it out and retrace it). In this case, it would be your application. This forces you to focus onto it and put your energy into it, which is why I recommend filling it out by hand. Then you take the image/document and put some of your essence onto it (such as blood or saliva. Blowing on it will work as well). This establishes a link to yourself. Holding it in your hands and gazing down at it, take slow deep breaths using your diaphragm, imagining the ink beginning to glow. Keep pushing your focus onto it until the writing temporarily “flashes” (it is hard to explain it otherwise without going through the process yourself). This will be the time when the sigil/document is “open”.

Keeping with your breathing, imagine your goal before you (in this case, getting the acceptance letter). Take your time, focusing as hard as you can on the image of you receiving it until you know it exists, as if you already achieved your goal. Push it into the document and then release the energy you just put into it by destroying it (such as burning it)

Thanks, hopefully this spell comes through for me.

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