Spell for an Easy Birth

There’s a couple I know that is having their first child soon. I’ve never been friends with them yet the name of their child, which I’ve known for a few months now, is suddenly repeating so much in my mind that I can’t even sleep. I don’t want to ignore it and some thing happen to the baby or mom during labor. So what can I do? I’d like to create some kind of sigil for things to all go smoothly, but you guys always have great ideas that are really effective so let me hear them! :slight_smile:

There is no such thing as an “easy birth”. Most want the birth to be quick thinking it will be easy but my labor lasted 45 minutes after my water broke and uuuhhhggggh. Not fun.

For safety during late pregnancy and childbirth I would call on her ancestresses. You can find a Goddess that gives protection during childbirth but I say the ancestresses who bore those who came to bear us are the best people to call on.

45 minutes??? Most women I’ve heard say their labor lasted for houuuurrrsss after their water broke.
Of course no birth is easy. If it was I wouldn’t go weak at the knees thinking about it. I just don’t want and COMPLICATIONS happening for the mother or the baby.
But good idea I will try to call on her ancestors. Not sure how to do that but I’ll try.

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Hathor, any fertility deity, any healing deity, all can help with this generally.

So can the spirit of the unborn child.

To call her ancestors use an item of hers as a link, her blood is the ancestors blood therefore they’re all in her.


Buy her a nice moonstone and programme it with your good wishes maybe with the blessings of mother Hecate x

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There is also a seal of Solomon for easy birth x I will look it up.

I am due to go into labour soon and plan to sacrifice some chickens before I get admitted


you could ask Heqet.

Most if the time it does last for hours but not with me. I had a 9 and a half pound baby bulldoze it’s way out of my body in 45 minutes. :confounded:

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Thank you I like that

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Oh man… my knees… they’re weak!

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You could call on Heket to help. She’s an egytian goddess who assisted in child birth and protected the mother and child.

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Sounds like Hecate it is :blush:

Oouchh! :frowning:

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