Spell Energy Causing Sickness in People

I have recently been using my side job as a testing ground for spell work. I’ve also done small invocations with an entity for social favor and got a butterfly stomach afterwards. And after a couple spells in a few days, I’ve been feeling drained of energy at the work place.

There’s also a spirit (the same) I’ve been working with for lust on a certain girl. I actually set up a group activity for the shooting range a while ago. I had done a spell like a week before the day. Everyone showed but her and people said she was extremely nauseous the night before shooting day.

So would a strong surge of an entity’s power upon other people in spells actually make them sick?

I think it’s possible. I used to get a headache for 2 days when I initially started meditation to interact with my guides so a spell might have physical affects.

My friend was also under the affect of a love spell (cast by another beginner witch, so luckily it was easy to break) and she was extremely tired during those days.

I can’t answer your question exactly; I’ve never heard of energy directed at people making them unwell (unless it was a baneful working).

i would not read too much into it. maybe there’ll be a clear pattern in hindsight. magick usually works itself out through coincidence. just trust in your workings and accept the event as a necessary step on the bridge of incidents that brings you what you want. for example, imagine if she had shown up and ended up meeting someone else she liked; but you successfully avoided this with your working. or perhaps she’ll be terribly upset over missing the event, and the next time you see each other she’ll have missed you and has spent a week++ thinking of you.

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The entity would know to use their energy subtly so as not to cause disruption. Well, that depends on the entity. But in most cases there shouldn’t be an issue. So I would also say that it’s either unrelated, or for the best in the situation.

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The short answer is yes, especially in terms of free will, if they have no basis for such to happen.
eg. They aren’t interested in the least in such a way or manner…where it would become an attack on the individual rather than a working.


The girl has shown conversation interest afterwards for a few weeks, so I guess the working actually did cause effects, not only on her but a couple others I work with. We just don’t work together all the time.

I did think it was likely a coincidence but I’ve also seen patterns with me and other people where they can get temporarily unwell (in whatever way) if strong workings are done in a concentrated manner.

@Stillforwardfacing So, I do find this to be true.

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