Spell/Demon for making things to faster

Hello everyone,

It became a necessity for me to make someone take action towards something I asked him to do. I want this person to feel the urge, maybe even anxiety, for making this happen.

Are there any spell/demon that helps with this?

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I think for a better response you might find it necessary to elaborate just a bit.


I asked a person to send me the financial information of a business I’m acquiring, but this person seems to me slacking and not sending me what I want.

I want this person to feel to urge and need to send me the financial information

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There is actually a talisman in Damon Brand’s book Archangels of Magick for this exact type of thing, “To Accelerate a Decision.”

Or you can call King Paimon and ask him to persuade him.


Belial just popped into my head start your search there.


I’ll look into both of them. Thank you

I suggest you treat the matter with the excellence of Ornias Gran Principe de Gamaliel / Oriax, Orias to work from the inside on your 7 thoughts and stop all your thoughts and focus on one fixed on you so you would hasten your action to help you


Lol, that made me think of the green devil spell, have no idea why.

Interesting that I got a vision of his sigil before going to sleep and a dream some time ago; I already fixed the problem with Belial (Thank you!) from one day to the next, but I’ll look into it

The power to accelerate things has the Emperor Lucifer.