Spell book

Im looking to buy my first spell book. I’m into Black Magic. Those willing to share there favorites and opinions is greatly appreciated.

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Define “spell book,”

Do you mean just a collection of spells or a “how-to” book of magick?


Yes. For spell casting

I want to bind someone. Do you have any spells? it’s for my friend. Her ex is stalking her.

EA’s book Baneful Magick.

Also, the Binding Demon Fortiar from Kingdoms of Flame.


I’ve heard of a freeze spell. Well be at work. Can we put it in ice when she goes home from work?
The one I read you use a photo and wrap the picture entirely with yarn. Should I do the spell or my friend. She not a witch. This guy that’s after my friend is a real asshole. If the binding don’t work. I’m sending daemons after him. So I guess I’m trying this first.

If she’s stressed and inexperienced it may not work. I think it would be best if you do it. You can simply use paper and his name as well.

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Last time I did a spell it didn’t work. I guess I wasn’t mad enough. I’m a witch by bloodline. I’m Empath/psychic though. I have legions ( they’re willing. Already told me) so I can use them. I just know they’ll fuck him up. He could die. I don’t think she could live with that. So I’m going to try this first.

Have her sit with you. Tell her to think of everything that pisses her off he’s doing and then have her concentrate on it all stopping, write his name down.
Lastely have her think about what her life would be like if it wasn’t happening. Tell her to imagine that is reality, her reality.
Then you can ice his ass up.

If both of you concentrate on hin being gone as if it were normal, as if he didn’t exist at all it will force her reality to catch up.

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Perfect!! :joy::joy:. thank you so much. I’m going to use this on the person it didn’t work for me last time too

After you ice him try your best to have her forget about him and think of how happy she is single.

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I will tell her. She has a new boyfriend. She’s scared of her ex. He is stalking her. She seen him outside her house. That’s why we’re doing this.

Thank you so much. I’ll let you know if it worked. Do you know how long it will take?

Just FYI (I am decent at spells, though not great): The freeze spell is fairly weak, though reliable. It’s likely to work against the offenders who aren’t in our trade. But trust me, it will do nothing in the case of an intentional, methodical psychic attack.

In my case, when I needed to get rid of non-occult offenders, not only did our paths stopped crossing, but I had a scheduling conflict with this one event where I was bound to run into them, and actually ended up going to a really fun, sorta unexpected event instead. Win-win.

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