Specific Grimory. Help!

Hi! Someone could know wich book is ? I read this description in a subreddit, and really want some help to indetify the book. Thank you!!

"There is a demon who helps people free themselves. And he does appear in a hood quite often.

He also has a book (part of a trilogy) written about him, a long side Lucifer and another God.

I am not going to say what the books are called, they are extremely powerful grimoires and aren’t for beginners, i will say this:

The book is part of a trilogy of books.

It involves working with 3 main entities and several other entities.

It’s primarily amount soul transmutation (The ultimate form of alchemy).

It involves the Qliphothic Path.

The Demon of the 3rd book is referred to as [insect] God and Gold is associated with him.

Don’t take beetle so literally. It’s a clue, not the answer.

I’ve confirmed these are the books X was referring to in my own workings with these entities.

I’ve given you enough information to find them if you’re ready. If you aren’t ready, you wont be able to find these books unless someone gives them to you."

Sounds like it might be talking about the Primal Craft trilogy by Mark Alan Smith.

It’s main deities are Lucifer, Hecate, and Belial.

Belial is called the Scorpion God in Primal Craft.


Thank you!

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agreed. the trident of witchcraft is certainly a set I would love to get my hands on

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