Speaking to demons through consecrated pendulum (observations)

I consecrated my pendulum to talk to spirits. So today I did the LBRP which I haven’t done in ages…

The first curious thing is that my cat, who just appeared into my life as if she had chosen me herself, she always comes around me when I’m working on anything and just hangs out you know. Specially if I’m doing something like activating sacred numbers.
This time, when I was doing the banishing ritual, she just jumped out of her bed and came toward me and started biting my legs. That was weird. I did not understand why she even did that. Maybe she didn’t like the chanting, but she’s never done that before.
She’s was biting my ankles and grabbing my leg with her paws. Honestly she’s not even affectionate and she’s been angry with me for weeks because I brought a kitten home so (?)

Then, I sat down and called Raziel using the She Ha Mephorash method for connecting. This was then when my cat climbed up the table and was pushing the arm that was holding the pendulum. She relaxed when Raziel showed up.

I asked Raziel to speak to Bune and Amon.

First Bune… I asked her if she could and wanted to help me, as well as if she had gotten my petition.

She said yes to both.

I asked her if she agreed with what I offered but she said no. I started mentioning the things that I’m willing to give, one by one … Basically one of the things that I said is that I’d use a percentage of my earnings for her altar, and that was the only thing that she didn’t want.

Then I discussed the things that I wanted. I mentioned an amount of money that I need, and she denied me that, but agreed to a lower amount.

I must say that the energy in the room was very subtle.

When I called on Amon, the energy in the room was warmer. My body felt hotter.

In this case, I asked Amon to help me reconcile with my ex husband given that we split due to magick done onto us. First I asked him if he had been signaling me to call him and if he wanted to help me. He answered yes to both questions.
This was difficult because he said that he could help me but he wouldn’t. So I’m not sure why he’s been whispering in my ear to work with him if he knows what Ive been wanting yet he won’t help.

I asked him if he’d help me if I made a pact with him. He agreed. He said that he doesn’t want public praise. Instead, he accepted some energy and offerings that still have to figure out what is it that he’d like. My conversation with Amon was confusing. Maybe you’ll have some thoughts on this.

I don’t know if I should make contact again or asking another demon to help me with my second petition.

Anyways… I’ll keep updated, yet I’d love some insight.

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This is Todd w Dotson of Lewiston Idaho I will do that tomorrow night :+1:
I have all three books of Carl Spartacus books :+1:

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