Is there any forums like this in spanish? I have a family relative thats interested in magic

No but if you want someone that speaks spanish, say no more primo. This forum is to enlighten all. Your family is welcome.

Im with Bigpimpen13,

Im a certified medical and legal spanish/English interpreter it is what i do on a daily basis, so if your family has problems to communicate something here, im here to help. :slight_smile:

Cool. Por que si tiene preguntas, ella si puede preguntarte. Yo no se nada de brujeria. Nada mas hablado con spiritos. Puedes ayudarme tambien? Si tienes experiencia con brujeria que no? We can speak english

Or you can use google translate, maybe not the best grammar in the world but they will understand the big picture. Or better yet, oh the horror, they can learn English, i know impossible. But if they are interested, this could be a good way for you to solidify your practice by teaching them the basics. Take some rituals, and translate them, then teach it to your relatives. By the way learning English is always a good thing, many good books and resources are primary in English in almost any field of study.

Yeah. English is good to know but she’s mexican (Not american). She’s just visiting for a couple weeks. She was really open to my ideas but it’s safe to say I really don’t know much. She said the only people she knows of in mexico are scammers. I can’t do any rituals in my house because I live with my parents and don’t own the house. Maybe I can do some short quick stuff but that’s it. I believe I’m undergoing some trails right now set by Lilith so I’m staying focused and doing my best. It’s tough, but I can do it.

Yes she is Mexican, and i am Swedish i.e not american. English is kinda a universal language, not really but close. That is why any serious university course, is in English, mostly only the introductory courses are in native tongue. I think that all the people in the world should know English, or at-least some common language, on top their native language, communication is key.

If you don’t have any place to do your work undisturbed, you have to be creative. You can do ritual without being laud, without incense etc. Actually you could do rituals in an astral setting. Rituals is only a technology to help you focus your will, it is not essential. Sharpen your will, learn to wield it, and you can do magick sitting in a chair in front of your parents, and they will think you are only relaxing. In your situation, focus on rituals to strengthen your magickal abilities, stuff like meditation, energy work, lbrp, middle pillar or EAs black sun meditation. The first years focus on building the foundation, and then do more advanced rituals, you will likely have your own place by then.

Yo soy nuevo en la brujeria, para serte sincero mi experiencia no es tan amplia como la mayoria de personas aqui, si practico, y estudio a diario, si ella tiene alguna pregunta puede preguntarme por inbox si se siente mas conforme haciendolo asi, si puedo responderla pues con gusto le ayudo, si no entonces puedo hacer la pregunta aqui y se que algun miembro podra darnos la respuesta.

Pero si ella esta en ese punto de curiosidad en lo que es la brujeria y ese tipo de cosas, pues nada mejor que un libro para darle conocimiento basico de el tipo de magia que ella quisiera aprender, yo tengo muchos libros en pdf espaniol aqui, desde magia negra a magia blanca, si quieres me puedes decir que tipo de magia a ella le interesa y te hago llegar un libro por correo electronico. :slight_smile:

Gracias. She’s actually a mormon that’s losing faith in her religion. She’s not convinced enough to start reading books and if anything, there’s no point in introducing white magic. It’s like the diet coke of black magic. You should watch E.A.'s youtube videos. I’ll talk o her more over a cup of coffee.

White, Black, Green, Blue, Purple, Indigo, are just colors. No way Black magick is Superior to to White or vice versa. The 100 million dollar question is what is the Greater purpose in this art, why do it? If you can invoke or evoke, any entity you wish, and learning what you can from that entity, then it does not matter, what color you say your magick is, it just limitations. If you work only with the qliptoth, you will miss the wonders of the sephiroth, and if you only work with the sephiroth, you will miss the teaching of the qliptoth. Balance between light and dark is key.

What i meant is it’s much more restricted than black magic. Technically white magic doesn’t exist because all magic is black magic. That’s what E.A. said.

All depends of the definition you choose to use. If the goal of white magic is to unite with the highest and bring it back, and become more than a man, a god if you will, then surely white magic exist.
If white magic does not exist, then black magic does not exist. Why? cause it’s the same thing, but with different focus. Instead of labeling magic, experience it without the limitation of words. Was Crowley a white or black magician, was Regardie? Why does both the left and right hand path regard the teaching of these men?

Do not use statements like that over what u’ve heared from another man, im aware that is EA’s point of view, but it was not always his way of thinking, and his way of thinking does not really has to be mine or yours, magick is based on individual interpretation of the thing, each head is a world of its own.

Such statements are made over personal experiences and interpretations, for you to fully make that statement you will have to be on that certain level, in which i am not, and apperently EA is, so in the mean time you will have to understand the diferent aspects of magick, till you get to the core of magick itself or that level EA claims to be.

Chill. Im not trying to pit white vs black. Go ahead and through your arguements against a black magician. I don’t have an oppinion on the matter. I only stated what the co-founders of the balg forum said and they explained a lot and honestly it makes a lot of sense. Take it up with them bro.

Don’t take Eric’s word for it! Do the work see what you find. We all like his work I mean we are on his forum. But we do not take his work to heart til we put it to the test. As all should

Alright dude. Just scroll back and read what i said before. Not trying to be an asshole but ive said it too many times before. Peace

I did! Your not going to teach her are you?

No. Haha
I just told her there’s real magicians out there. Not just scammers. So she became interested in the subject. I can’t provide her with any proof that it’s real, but she’s open minded is what I meant.

Nothing can be proven, only experienced. Maybe guide her through a meditation ritual, one that Will get her into the right state, like theta gamma sync. Then after that she can charge a sigil and experience result first hand herself.

A god ritual that ea teaches but is a well known method. Imagine a cloud of brilliant white Light above your head, feel the peace and calmness of The energy. Bring the energy down to your scalp, feel the vibrations in your scalp, feel your scalp relaxing. Then continue by bringing the light to your face, cheks, neck etc down to your feet. Then when done scan your body for any tension, send the light to that spot and relax it. Soon you will be in a wonderful magical state of mind.

Now pick a sigil from an entity you wish to work with, gaze at its sigil until the sigil start to move, change color, dissappear etc. When the sigil feels alive, state your intention to the entity. Thank it and dissmiss it, and when your intention is manifested burn the sigil.

I agree with that… having tried to be a white magician, it’s hypocritical and fake - the only magick is under individual will, and that makes it essentially “black” by every definition out there, especially since it ends up violating every religion’s codes. But maybe a topic in its own right, and not for this thread. :slight_smile:

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