Put in this area cuz not sure where it would go.

It was a Lost Boys scenario. The group was in the forest, having a good time, hanging around an old shed that was set near a creek up a hill a bit. The shed was practically falling in on itself.

Ah, I have been here many times.

The words are dark with the deep of night.

The vampires fly in, friendly at first, but soon the screams of the beleaguered fill the night.

I have been here before, as entrails pour into the shed and trap me by covering my legs.

But I have been here before, in the darkness of night, unable to escape into the forest.

I survived as the 14 year old that had been there before, in control of the matter and laughing a bit at the unoriginality of it all later.

The second night was again a place I had been in before, also a forest land but at a trailer from my youth. I have been there before.

There are bike trails there now, magically, and the kirin with rocky legs come galloping in.

That bite on my hand hurt, so what did they expect me to do? I’m patient, and I am overall kind, but I also have a temper.

As the kirin’s shapes melt away, revealing their beer gut faces.

But I have been there before, except this time I am forgotten as the problem is discussed around me. Like my Uncle Pete, blind and ignored by the family (except me) as he muttered in the corner trying to join conversations in the next room.

So that later I still remember those beer gut faces.

Not as clumsy as the Pinhead nightmare, at least. That one was years ago, I still laugh out loud about it.

I had never been there before, Never seen the movies.

The shade had apparently watched over the hubby’s shoulder in the field and brought the dream home to me.

He stood visible in the kitchen door when I opened my eyes.

But I had been in that situation before.

I haven’t seen him since.

But, I’ve also been making fun of him ever since.

Apparently some shades don’t like that… Ha!

goes back to work