Sour jar of destruction spell

sorry if I put it in the wrong place but I need help
I made a lemon sour jar I put a note in the lemon saying (full name of person) I sour everything in your life
I used a little bit of rum that I had left for an offering there were 3 dead flies in it I used rusty nails vinegar and hot peppers. Any way I concentrated on how much Hate I had for this person. Now it’s in my house so today
I had an anxiety attack that was really bad and I felt hot heat all over me through out the day It must be a powerful curse I put it in my closet as I had it next to me while I was sleeping. the effects seem to be wearing off of me but I wanted to know if I can bury would it still attack my target ?

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You should bury it when you’re done. Off of your property .


I want the person to suffer forever lol