Soul Within Apple Cider Vinegar "Mother" 🍏

I use ACV for cooking, skincare, pet care, even as a drink in hot weather (and red wine vinegar for sore throats and colds in winter).

Last year I bought one particular bottle (by Aspall) and the Mother within it, the web of bacteria, felt alive, conscious.

It seemed like an ancient benevolent being, and I never got round to trying to communicate, but I felt like it was aware of me.

That bottle got knocked over and then topped up with some other ACV, and the Mother clumped up, and looks/feels “dead” - however I had made some skin toner with ACV from that bottle, which is now beginning to form a new Mother even though it’s diluted with water.

This one feels younger, wondering, like a child looking at the stars - that is the image I see when I scry it.

These Mothers look like a neural net, a mind that can perceive. The only thing I have seen like this was the islands of DNA shown to me by Wadjet, which are kind of an oversoul for humans.

Both resemble this nebula slightly in shape and form, with filaments and matrices of light within the DNA:

I am going to try and keep the one in the toner bottle alive and see if I can begin communications at some point, right now all I see is a child.

  • Has anyone else here observed anything unusually conscious in Mother of vinegar?

  • Does anyone have experience making their own ACV and have any tips to share (I am also going to research this online)?


ACV has so many uses and helps with so much. This doesnt surprise me at all. I dont really have anything to offer to this thread expect I do use ACV it does help keep a handle on diabetes and allergies and energy boosts among so many othering things its fitting it would be a mother. What mother isnt a jack of all trades :heart:

Thanks for sharing :+1:

Also i just see the beautiful rose that nebula makes :rose:


I am currently drinking apple cider and red vinegar with lime and lemon juice. It’s really cleansing and aids my digestion.


Interesting. I really like Cider Vinegar too. It shows up on lots of home remedy and practical witchcraft sites. It’s the secret to making the world’s best sweet & sour sauce that my mom taught me. The cider vinegar gives it a strong effervescence that can choke you a little bit.

I’ve been making lots of yeast dough lately and thinking about colonized microorganisms. Cool post and thanks for the articles. I didn’t know anything about mother of vinegar.

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I’ve just fed the original who wasn’t looking too healthy some fresh cider, and decanted the baby out of the toner bottle and fed that cider as well, I could feel junior feeding, felt like light (the sugar and alcohol) falling, very welcome, on it/our/my skin/outer cellular layer.

The original big Mother looks happier as well with some fresh food, and feels a little bit more alive.

Not sure where I’m going with this but fates willing, will keep this updated. :+1:

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As useful as acv is, I don’t see it having any sort of soul or being alive in that sense. The active bacteria, of course, are alive. And everything we’ve does give off energy. Perhaps you’re sensitive to even small amounts of energy. I don’t know a whole lot about you but it seems to me that’s what it is.

Well at the moment I seem to get a stronger life signature off this particular living thing that from my houseplants, and I meet plenty of NPC “people” are I only know are alive because they flap their arms about and make squawking noises. :laughing:

I felt the original Mother was aware of me, so I just want to explore and find out if this is anything interesting. She feels nice. :smiley:

Bacteria are one of the oldest forms of life, in terms of biomass outweigh all other life-forms, and no other life can exist without them… I believe all things have a soul and consciousness but bacteria (especially ones that help humans) may have more of a net of consciousness. If they do, this single colony is a part of all the colonies that have ever existed.

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Unfortunately I don’t have any apple cider vinegar tips but you sooo remind me of Me Spock attempting to mind meld with the vinegar!!

Love it

I also do very similar things in my practice

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Well, maybe you’re onto something. I know EXACTLY what you mean about NPCs though. It makes me wonder what happened to them lol.

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