Soul traveling spell/help:

Hello everyone I’m new here, so whenever it comes down to spirit/soul traveling everyone here seems to converse about putting yourselves into a trance like meditative state, how would one go on about that how would a beginner meditate would one close there eyes and not fall asleep if so then how would you put yourself into a trance so you can break those earthly chains and enter the soul planes, what have you’ve seen and experience please tell me what does it feel like on the soul realms I know the soul realms are as real and solid just as the physical world🌎that surrounds the all around us please let me know ASAP and what techniques and tips you may provide and recommend to get a jump start, if anyone has a evocation spell chant for soul travel please don’t hesitate to share it but please make sure you test it before posting it in the comments please, Love and magic


Projection is more of a practice thing, no spell can do it for you.


Worth a shot, but I’d love to hear any techniques that may help along the way,

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