Soul travel

Hello my name is davante darden I need help with soul travel can somebody do evocation. And send a demon to me to cause sleep paralysis so then I can soul travel everytime I go to sleep thank you all fork reading this message but please help me out and if you do I want to say thank you but everytime I go to sleep allow this demon to paralyzed me everytime I go to sleep so then I can soul travel everytime I go to sleep so yeah that’s my message hope someone will help bye bye

Yeah, you are asking someone else to do this for you. But YOU must do it for YOURSELF. You must believe in yourself, and in your own power.

First, before issuing your list of things we need to do for you for free, please take a minute to post an introduction here - it’s one of the Rules of this forum, which I also request you to read.

Why not write a letter to your prefered entity - as described here:

Simply find a preferred entity, state your desire and take it from there?

You’re on, DJ Dyslexic! But I’m going to need some better inference points to target you other than that horrible user name.

This is actually right up my alley, and I’m surprised I’ve never tired to cause SP in someone before. I’m pretty good with remote influencing people’s dreams, so this shouldn’t be too different.

Probably not going to go with demons. I usually go with abstract expressions of intent, or sometimes the occasional tulpa. Although since we’re getting into dream territory, it’s not entirely out of the realm of possibility that I show up and hold you down myself.

Lets’s start with this, and I should be ready to go by tonight.