Soul travel

I’m trying the soul travel method in the become a living God ebook, what does it mean when it says close your eyes and see with your inner vision? And also says to activate your chakras, what method could I use for that?

inner vision is also known as the mind’s eye or the imagination i believe. So he’s saying close your eyes and allow your imagination to flow. Activating the chakras you simply use the mantra for each chakra and then visualize them like stars growing brighter and brighter. Do this every day for as long as you wish.

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With respect to other helpful methods, there are 2 simple techniques that were promoted when I was a youth (in what you’ll see referred to as a N.A.P. - New Avatar Power, by Geof Gray-Cobb). They’ve always worked for me, and they’re elegant in their simplicity. My reply, however, isn’t intended to interrupt/ impede methods which may work better for you. This not withstanding…

  1. Re: Soul Travel/ Astral travel: lie down (not in your bedtime clothing, which may prompt sleep), and close your eyes. Breathe deeply… take a few moments to relax. Now envision/ imagine a door on the opposite side of the room you’re in. Get up (yes, physically arise) and walk over to this imagined door. (Not to be sarky, but you’ll probably want your eyes open for this.) Mentally note this ‘doorway’. Then return to your ‘lying down position’, and close your eyes. Your mind will recall the physical visit you just made.

With eyes closed, breathing deeply, mentally count backward from 10 to 1, while mentally telling yourself with each count to relax (e.g., "Relax, (whatever you call yourself, preferred to be called)).

At the final, “Relax”, envision that doorway that you’ve already ‘imagined’ and physically walked over to. [In your mind’s eye] Open the door (or see the door opening), and envision placing your hand through it. If it helps, envision/ imagine someone that you know well and trust on the other side, waiting to accompany you on your journey. Now, choose (envision/ imagine) where you’d like to go, and allow the door to close and find yourself in the place you’ve chosen. See the sights, hear the sounds, smell the aromas/ odours… When you’re ready to come back, simply say to yourself, “Return”. And returned you are.

Practising this simple form of ‘travel’ will allow you to move on to bigger, better ‘things’ (e.g., exploring the unknown, targeting specific places and people from which/ from whom you may wish to garner information, etc.) Decades later, I still practise this in simple ways (e.g., popping across the globe to a pleasant cafe for a nice glass of wine and relaxing conversation with whomever happens to be there).

  1. A simple energising/ charging technique: give yourself sufficient space (and privacy) for swinging your arms about, while doing the “Relax” countdown mentioned above. At the final, “Relax”, place your arms directly out in front of you, level to the floor, palms down. Hold for a moment and breathe deeply. Now, slowly sweep your arms down to your side (standing tall, palms facing inward). Hold for a moment, breathe deeply. Next, slowly move your arms above your head, standing tall, arms straight, and place your palms together. Move your hands and arms backward, and arch your back. Hold for a moment. Now inhale. As you exhale, slowly move your arms out to the side (palms down), as if making the letter " T ". Hold for a moment, breathe. Finally (slowly) move your arms back down to your side, palms facing inward (as above). Take 3 nice, slow deep breaths (obviously inhale, exhale). “Shake loose”, if you feel like it. And you’re done. Fully charged.

Go well on your journey. And Be Well !