Soul Travel Within a Dream

A series of dreams have been happening for the past few months. I can only perceive them as soul travel dreams. I was given a tour of Heaven, Dark Heaven, and Hell.

Heaven looked like all the texts anybody has read about except it also looked strikingly similar to Asgard on the Thor movies. Gold Winged and White Winged Angels were all over the place here along with those that resembled strictly humans in robes.

Dark Heaven(what is commonly referred to as Purgatory but is misrepresented in the mentions as Purgatory) looked like something out of Ancient Rome and the Middle Ages combined where nobility was granted at the drop of a hat. Brothels were utterly bonkers in this realm. Think Spartacus series meets Game of Thrones. Ancient Roman, Ancient Egyptian, Knights, Grey and Black Winged Angels, and Incubi/Succubi were all over the place.

Hell was like that of a dungeon but was reserved strictly for murderers in the literal sense(anger was not a circle within this realm), pedophiles, and only the extreme of the extreme were put here. Blackened demons were the bulk of the inhabitants that were here as both guards and soldiers.

Has anyone else had anything like this?

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Usually though dreams we can enter the astral/mental plane, can’t say I’ve experienced this however my experience with the judeo pantheon/heaven it did look something like Asgard from the movie Thor when I think about it, but more advanced and everything was mostly golds, sky blues, and whites.

Dark heaven, wasn’t a thing. Purgatory was a pocket realm tied to the judeo pantheon that looked like a large forestry area but the water was pretty much all the dirty energy that was stripped off by the entities and humans that were in it at one point in time or still within it.

The Infernal was a large nation, heavily industrial, while Tartarus is a large prison, no real connection to the judeo pantheon.

However, hell isn’t a place where murderers and such go unless they choose to or their faith believes they will, same with pedophiles and such, but they don’t go to hell just to go, they would go to the prisons within hell but human morality doesn’t play a role outside of this earth.

so this might be astral manifestations of those places.

I see what you’re saying. But in the dream/soul travels, Purgatory was what was mentioned as a muffed concept. Dark Heaven seemed as real as it gets. There has to be some meaning to that part. If I didn’t know any better, I’d say that Dark Heaven looked more my speed than anything else I saw.

Hell wasn’t for those that committed like one or two murders at one time. But for those that enjoyed it with brutal passion like in horror movie terms.

Part of me actually hopes that it’s not merely just astral manifestations of the mind.

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Hell/The Infernal is a nation where demons, humans, and many other entities reside like we reside in the US, Canada, Britain, etc, it’s a nation. It doesn’t really have anything to do with brutal murderers, rapists, etc outside of religious ideology.

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It’s a wonder though. Why is it most religions/cults portray it to be some zone that is meant solely for punishment? To this day, that concept has baffled me. I’ve seen images and read books that would make Hell/The Infernal look like Chuck E. Cheese’s. I’ll quote one of my favorite band’s songs, “Is familiar Hell better than unknown Heaven?”

In most religions it’s not, only in monotheistic faiths, shinto faith considers it a scary place with stuff that wouldnt think twice of harming you, same with korean and i think chinese faiths (outside of Buddhism or the likes)

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One really has to wonder what made those religions think of it as such. Some religions make it look like it’s not dangerous. Norse mythology(as I read it) has it where elderly and those that died of sickness outside of warfare go. But then of course the Viking warrior was the pinnacle of culture back then, so it would make sense. It baffles me either way though.

In Norse Hel wasn’t a bad place, those who died a warriors death would go to Valhalla or to Freya’s place, those who died of sickness, or any other means would go to Hel. Baldr was within Hel as well in their mythologies as well as many Jotun who had apparently died/were killed in their ‘history’

Hel was considered a place connected to Niflheim the realm of ice and mist, originally Hel was not it’s own place until Snorri changed things, Hel simply existed within the aforementioned realm.

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What of those who were once warriors? What was their fate usually?

They would remain in Valhalla having feasts with Odin.

All day long, they fight one another, doing countless valorous deeds along the way. But every evening, all their wounds are healed, and they are restored to full health.

This was considered ‘heaven’ for viking men, to go to Valhalla and do this everyday and feast and drink mead with the Gods. However, they are also trained for the up coming battle of Ragnarok, whether it’s literal or not is up to the interpreter.


Right, I’m just talking in terms of both the ones that were what we know today as Veterans and those who died in battle.

Wow cool thanks for sharing! I’m still trying to learn how to soul travel. I find it very difficult.

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If somebody told me 10 years ago that soul travel was possible, I would have laughed in their face. Now, my dreams are so vivid and interactive that I wake up feeling like I had 500 out-of-body experiences rolled into one. The spiritual knowledge is that ecstatic. I would say that it’s better than sex, but 9 times out of 10 those soul travel dreams practically involve spiritual sex on steroids.