Soul Travel vs. Astral Projection(?)

Hey all,

I was re-reading Ipsissimus a few days ago when I’d noticed something in his [E.A’s] discussion of Soul Travel – particularly that he seems to make a distinction of ST as something different or separate from Astral Projection.

My question, of course, is what’s the difference between the two? What defines each as what it is?

I’d thought at first that the difference was just in technique/training, but considering the limited mindset of most APers made me wonder otherwise, since magic in general suffers from the same thing (limited mindsets leading to limited paradigms and, of course, limited results).

So I guess the question boils down moreso into just one: Is the difference between Soul Travel and Astral Projection based solely on technique or is it mindset that makes the difference?

I ask this because something I’m currently practicing (I don’t know what, exactly) has somehow allowed me to be able to project on an almost-daily basis, but I follow little to none of the ST technique to actually project and have yet to do so. However my experiences are more similar to beginning ST. I’m way more interested in ST because its scope is far greater than what folks have said of Astral Projection.

I apologize in advance if this question has been asked before. Any constructive input is appreciated.


What I got out of it is that [I]astral[/I] projection implies travelling just to the [I]astral[/I] plane, while there are many other planes which one can experience (such as those mentioned in Ipsissimus). Instead of calling them separate names like causal projection, mental projection, whatever-other-plane projection or incorrectly calling it all [I]astral[/I] projection, the general term Soul Travel is used as it doesn’t refer to one single plane but the entire act of the transferring one’s consciousness beyond the physical (body).

Some other more experienced people might want to elaborate on the connection between the various planes and the various subtle bodies.

This helps quite a bit, actually. This would explain the [comparatively] limited scope of what most refer to as Astral projection in that AP is just a form of Soul Travel. What this also means to me is that it’s intent that primarily decides the kind of projection instead of technique. Not to say the given technique (in Ipsissimus) isn’t extremely useful, but since I already have a reliable exit plan I think I’d be better off working from this instead of perhaps overcomplicating things for myself.

What makes the astral plane like the “go to” plane for people doing soul travel vs these other planes?