Soul travel to the past for self healing

Do you ever do it? I’ve heard about it. Reliving traumatic experiences I assume.


All the time. Although simply invoking the thought processes and emotions sends me back sufficiently.

When I decided to battle my limitations and demanded to gaze into the Abyss, a year long trial began. (I also refer to this initiation as my battle against Choronzon and the tunnels of Set.)

Throughout the year, multiple times per day, I would be forced to remember, and deal with past trauma, embarrassment, bad behavior and everything that was wrong with me.

It isn’t so much healing that was needed, but acceptance of my issues, understanding what drove me to those situations, and letting go so that my fears, insecurities and hurts wouldn’t be in the way of my ascent.

So bottom line, is yes, sometimes the recollection was so powerful that it launched me into the past and gave me alternative perspectives on my experiences, much like soul travel, and yes it was to heal in a manner of speaking.


Cool. I think anyone can do this with a bit of effort.

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Yes, it’s a big deal in core shamanism, you use the Middle World to access the event. I’m mega busy right now, if you want me to post more hit me up next week via PM or @ me in this thread, I’ll share what I can. :slight_smile:


I guided my ex-wife through this process using hypnosis.

She experienced a fear of needles because of a traumatic experience with a hateful teacher when she was a child. I lead her back to that point in her own time. She confronted the teacher and comforted herself as a child.

Her fear of needles completely vanished.