Soul Travel Journal With Master Kannah

Journal Entry One : Met Master Kannah Today At The Temple Of The Ascended Masters.

Today I met with a very interesting ascended master I’ve met and communicated with a few of the masters at the temple but this was my first interaction with Master Kannah. So I will be detailing my visits with this Master here in this thread.

So there I was in front of the ziggurat pyramid ashram like temple, many students and inhabitants of this temple were wandering around with eachother as usual. A few masters which I have had previous interactions with either mentoring one on one, giving lectures or guided classes to the inhabitants of that realm along with other soul travellers.

I ascended the steps of the temple and saw in the corner a very quiet asian Indian looking man eyes made of pure white light, a strange beard that reminded me of the depiction of the mesopotamian Lahmu. He sat there in a dark corner with one candle floating around him, the candle moving yet the flame perfectly still. I observed him for a while the scents of the strange incense burning around him, I decided to just sit in front of him.

I believed by sitting there maybe it would open up a opportunity for communication, after just staring at him for a long time, I didn’t want to disturb him in his moment. I was about to leave just before I could a grin gathered across his face and he laughed. His laugh was intoxicating, literally filling the area with bursting positivity as he did. For some unknown reason I laughed too as if his happiness was contagious the moment I laughed. He put his hands together in the prayer mudra and bowed as a sign of respect/greeting and I returned the favour.

“What can I do for you” his question left me kind of dumbfounded because I had no idea why I even was drawn to him, so I replied “I don’t know” he smiled and said “of course you do, the mind, what you assume to be you does not know”. He laid his hand upon me and a emanation of what I can only explain as an isolated spectrum of my mental body, the aspect of me which is pure consciousness and intelligence. He pulled from that exactly what I sought, that my mind had not fully understood yet.

“Come with me” he said and so we both stood up and walked across the marbled warm black floor, he took me to a room in the temple which I never knew existed. He waved his hand upon over the ground and as he die so, the very shape and design of the ground changed. A large geometric pattern emerged which seemed somewhat like a yantra yet not entirely, there were two circles within this pattern. One of which the master sat in and he gave me a hand gesture and a smile which suggested I sat at the other. Immediately as I did so the lines of the geometric pattern ignited in a small trail of blue fire.

“Who are you” he asked and I sat and thought about it, I thought since he was an ascended being he was looking for an ascended answer and so I replied. “I am the all, I am Atman, I am eternal, I am existence which has assumed this form and temporary identity”.
He rolled his eyes and laughed uncontrollably for a moment and I snickered in awkwardness and confusion.

“Don’t tell me what you think I want to hear or do not tell me what you know to be, tell me who are you now”.
I sat and closed my eyes and I understood to meditate on this, as I did I saw a river and its current free-flowing, the Master was sat on the banking and I looked at him and said.

“Now I am the traveller, a seeker of truth” he shook his head as if I didn’t get it right and stated I exhale deeply and push that assumption down river and allow the current to carry it away. I sat again and tried again, again and again, each time he smiled and laughed. So I asked him “so who am I ?”.

Immediately he began laughing hysterically and said “you’re asking me who you are” and continued laughing afterwards, I decided to be guided to find the answer by following the masters meditation. In that moment I just spoke “I am the observer and yet the observed”. The vision faded and I opened my eyes still in the fiery yantra looking at the Master and the flames turned green, as if to symbolise I had completed some sort of level and had reached the next one.

'I am the observer" and this all started when I observed someone without intention, without thought, without any attachment I was a detached observer and because of that I stumbled upon this, a new path revealed for me. The master relayed to me how as we observe from the vision of the identity, ego, the version of myself I think I am, I distort what I observe. I knew this already but the master stated whilst I understand the power of the observer, I have yet to grasp it fully and there is much more he could reveal if I was interested. I politely thanked him and stated i would return before I left he says.

“Maybe smile and laugh more too” and continued to laugh as I left, leaving behind the echo of happiness and crazy vibes of positivity and awe. A very intruiging and seemingly wise old soul ill most definitely be returning, perhaps you guys have any idea on what we could discuss with him and get his two cents on things.


I think it would be interesting to ask him if we should really seek immortality in our physical bodies and expand from that singularity as Ant’harratu said in Azazel’s book



Entry Two : Discussions On Immortality.

I found myself again inside the large talismanic burning circle there master Kannah sat before me, we were about to go through another lesson. Yet I has remembered a question on the forum and immediately spewed out that question.

Me : “Master Kannah tell me what are your thoughts on physical immortality, should we strive for such a thing?”.

The Master - “What is your body it is the product of the elements, if one wishes to achieve such a state one must continously every single moment of the day master the elements within”.

He waved his hand over the flames of the circle and embers began to emit from them, floating in the air and creating a spiritual hologram so to speak, there i could see an outline of a human body. The flesh was earth, the rest was water, heat and temperature was fire, then air and so on. Of course the fifth element was there too after a while that form broken to pieces and took on the symbols of the elements.

They formed the traditional triangular elemental symbols of the elements.

Afterwards these symbols took the form of their physical manifestation, a gush of wind/air, a stone covered in moss and grains of sand/soil, along with droplets of water, a burning flame and a spiritual light. Yet again as the master was talking to me they took the shape of the platonic solids.


“All things affect the elemental aspects of self, from the food you eat, the fluids you drink and everything Inbetween. Most magicians of your modern world cannot even perform the most basic sadhana, would they be willing every moment and second to discipline themselves in every aspect of their life, continous intense lifetime worth of sadhana, leaving their physical attachments, fasting and giving up the pleasures, the identity and all that makes them, well them”.

He then laughed as if he knew the answer I dropped my head and replied

“I can’t speak for everyone but I highly doubt they’d do that”.

He continued to laugh but afterwards stated

“Why seek this anyway, most enlightened beings seek to shed the body consciously, to step out of the body forever. I am not going to say strive for this or that, its all your intent but the walker of the left hand wouldn’t be very left hand if they live the life of a guru or yogi giving up the spoils of life and the world, abandoning all”.

I agreed with him and found his mentioning of the shedding of the body to mean ‘mahasamadhi’ or something of that nature. After a while he noticed me think and I replied.

“So you’re telling me that what the left hand path magician or the magician as a whole seeks is achievable but is one which isn’t important nor is it liberating”.

The master placed his fingers on my third eye and boom immediately I knew what he meant he stared at me and said

“You only get three of those, the rest you work for” and continued to laugh again as if he couldn’t hold his serious expression or demeanour.

The transfer of understanding was this, that although possible this would be immensely difficult and the conditions and parameters one would need to set up, would be almost ridiculous and would limit our life massively, it wouldn’t even be a life worth living for the majority of the mundane and even spiritual masses.

Isolation, fasting, elemental dietary requirements, physical alterations such as asana and other things, dehydrating until your water is properly charged and cleansed over a long period of time, which would need to be kept as a God almost, in its own vessel, its own space with offerings. All food and things you would consume would need to be spiritually pure and exuding those elemental properties. This and so much more years and years, of no sex, alcohol, drugs, you’d essentially would be imprisoning yourself so to speak and would have to continously observe yourself to ensure the complexity of the energy system is perfect and maintained.

This isnt my belief this is merely what the master had to show me, so I replied to the master.

“There is a particular entity that recommends this and to expand from the singularity”.

The master nodded as if he agreed and stated

“Indeed expand from the singularity consciously, because you’re already expanded, you just need to expand consciously to know it and experience it. Yes you are that singularity but you’re not singualr for this is just an illusion isn’t it ?”.

I replied

“Yes so we are already expanded then, we are merely expanding our awareness of our expansive self in a real tangible way to obtain that realisation and with this realisation doorways open to new possibilities”.

He replies

“Well done”

And clapped and laughed, I swear his presence is so pleasant to be around after a while he said

“Okay mr immortal can we move on you’re already immortal the body dies and it should because that is the nature of the elements, you can fight the elements but such resistance leads to a disappointing life”.

I laughed at what he called me and was pleased with his answer and continued forth to get into our next lesson …


If the physical universe or our perception of it is an illusion, how come it is so hard to change the illusion? In other words, if I am in poverty, it is not so easy to chant an incantation to have money flow into my life and be wealthy. I still have to do something to “earn” the money or find a way to physically obtain the currency. Or, should I just hope to be reincarnated into a future life of wealth?

I hope this makes sense.

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This is actually easy to answer, it isn’t difficult it just isn’t you have to put in the work and putting in the work doesn’t make it hard, it makes it proper. Think of it like this let’s use the cosmology of the many planes to describe it.

On the higher planes intentions/desires can manifest instantaneously, because these planes of existence are closer to source. Imagine source as a brilliant eternal sun which emanates all colours of light and sound. Now imagine from this emanates a ocean of light and sound, the further this moves away from the source it takes on condensification, solidification and augments the further it moves from source.

Which in turn forms all different levels of spiritual existence, sentience and consciousness is formed from this light and sound ergo the mental plane is formed. The further away it moves this consciousness takes on memory, causality, cause and affect ergo the causal plane is formed. Then emotions different degrees of energy and spirit splits into many many forms ergo the astral plane is formed and then the astral essence moves further and further away and this astral matrix or double is solidified and slows down in terms of vibration giving the form of matter and the illusion of solidity because nothing in the physical world is truly solid and still.

The further the source code emanates from its original centre then it becomes more restricted, the physical plane of flesh and substance is a plane which has many limitations as its the furthest domain from the divine. It takes on new laws which the powers, forces, energies, entities have to work in accordance with such as causality, cause and affect they must have avenues and routes to work through in order to bring about the desired manifestation or change.

I tell magicians all the time if magick was easy everyone would do it, what makes a real magician is they don’t complain and they do the fucking work it’s as simple as that, the ritual work and the mundane work which helps facilitate the desired outcome.

For more information on how this works and for a better rundown and description listen to this, sit with it and digest the information. @cyberseeker


Entry Three : Uniting The Shards Of Infinity.

So there I am sat within the fiery mandala upon the ground once again, the master sat in front of me and I had asked for his advice and guidance on the practicality of spirituality. Taking a step back from the mysticism for a moment and how to use his teachings in a practical sense. He smiled and nodded his head in a bowing fashion he held out in his hand a ball sphere, like some sort of obsidian or black onyx.

It floated from his hand and he told me to gaze upon it intensely, to form a connection with it, that nothing existed except me and that object. I harnessed my attention to it entirely his voice became faint and distant yet I could still hear him as the rest of the environment began to blur out.

“Yes gaze upon it, only you and it exist, even I am no more, this temple is no more, there is only you and it”.

I could feel a invisible yet tangible connection from myself to that orb, from my eyes outwards like rays of spiritual perception and energetic observation. It was as if through these tunnels of perception externalised as these rays them emitted a unique energy back into my eyes and through me. I breathed life into the orb and it breathed life into me, I gaze upon it, it gazed upon me, it spoke to me without words, I spoke to it without words.

A very potent connection formed that now it felt as if I was that which I was observing, at the very moment of realisation the master spoke.

“Yes that’s it you are one, I know that you already know of the connection between all things, that all things are connected in an infinite web. Yet you have the realisation but you need to focus on it in a practical sense”.

A vision occurred wherein the orb before me became a broken shard of glass, yet not made of glass but made of visible sound, vibrating every colour of the spectrum constantly changing. This was a shard of infinity, i myself was a shard identical, I was both shards at once and could feel it. Until the vision zoomed out shrinking infinitely small and infinitely large I could actually feel my presence in every direction, I felt as if I was no longer in that astral body of mine but I was now a omnipresent force, constantly expanding as infinite fractal pieces.

I maintained the realisation of each individual fractal shard and simultaneously a cluster of every fractal which gave me a sense of wholeness. The voice of the master spoke again.

“Change yourself the first fractal, change that state, change that form”

So I did I embodied the singular shard fractal piece which illusionary I see as myself and all of a sudden I could feel a wave of change coursing through all the other shards which I was embodying too.

Once done I knew that the master was trying to reinforce the idea of that all things are connected and if I changed myself I could change the desired fractal shard of existence which could be anything or even anyone. I already knew this yet the master was reinforcing that if one can enter this state of mind and awareness first in ritual before anything being ritualistically done.

The desired shard/target shall change with more profound results, if we maintain these realisations in the mid of the ritual then the speed of the ritual, the effectively, the potency all of this is increased due to subjectively being aware of the more subtle mechanics required for the alteration of existence.

Instead of enforcing/forcing reality to bend to your will, be that thing in reality, literally embody the person you wish to affect become them first, then from the original source of self, whatever thought, whatever idea, or emotion one desires them to feel must first swell up within you intensely then allow that to emanate and course/radiate through all the other shards of existence into the desired one.

I knew all of this however he recommended, to experiment with this without the use of any candles, mantras, incantations, sigils or anything external tool. So I did I chose three desired outcomes in my life and in the past two days, all three have to come to materialise, this was a reminder that the ritual is merely a external plug for the internal power and magick within. It is a dance a enactment of the mystical and magickal energies within being played out physically, uniting the mental work, the emotional work, the energetic/spiritual work all that internal work is then externalised into this physical world via the words, the consecrated items, the sigils, the athame, these are external funnels through which that internal critical mass you’ve built can be directed outwards intensely.

The master kept reminding me that, the biggest issue with ritual is the distraction of the external and one should spend a majority of their time internal and use the ritual merely as the vehicle for the internal cauldron within you, containing the emotions, idea, concept, intention, desire, will, power and energy all bubbling in that internal cauldron upon the altar of the self. This should bubble up until it spills outwards and almost spills out into our mantras, incantations, statements of intent, into our movements, into the tools we hold (athame/herbs/crystals/candles/photographs/etc).

With this lesson wasn’t necessarily one lesson as it just reinforced that which I already knew in a different way which has led to me focusing more on different functions and how the internal and external magickal/spiritual work should be tailored and structured for the best of outcomes. In this very moment my mind is already thinking of a million different things which have spawned from that experience which can aid in my adjusting and experimenting in new profound ways :thinking:


Entry Four : A Walk With Master Kannah.

One day whilst i was sat in my living room, somewhat sleep deprived i was debating on whether or not i should soul travel to the temple of the ascended masters a few hours before. I felt however that i’d prefer to sit and have a cold beer on my own whilst i had some peace and quiet.

A long day i thought, so why not and went to the fridge and grabbed a ice cold budweiser and sat on the couch. First sip went down smooth, a sigh of relief and comfort was ejected from my mouth. I tilted my head to the back of the sofa rest my neck on it, as it clicked and the rest of my back clicked along the way. Staring at the ceiling quiet music playing in the background, i felt a strange presence around me in that moment.

I stopped the bottle at my lips as i could feel the presence growing around me, solidifying and the more attention i gave it, the more profound it became. Over the years my ability to discern energy and the presence of beings i know had became one of my first developed talents. It was male so i could discern, he was not demonic, nor angelic, i probed further and before i could discover anymore my vision drifted somewhat as my other senses scanned the environment.

Low and behold standing there at the threshold of the door was Master Kannah, i was somewhat startled and he smiled and bowed greeting me.

“May i come in” he opened up the conversation with, as if asking for permission to enter the room fully which i found very peculiar but nonetheless agreed. It was odd to see him here in this plane i told myself, he asked if i would join him for a walk and i went to stand up. The interesting thing was i stood up in my other body, not my physical one and we walked out of the door and instead of finding myself in my regular outdoor surroundings, i found myself walking across a black sandy beach.

We walked for a while in complete silence, i was just enjoying taking in the whole scenery. We stopped and the master tapped me on my shoulder to turn around and there traced in the black sand was the flower of life geometric pattern, the lines of which appeared as sand which looked like grains of metallic gold. I looked back at it him and said,

“The flower of life ?”

He nodded his head and i tried to figure out why he had taken me here, i stared at it as the lines emitted a memsering golden hue. The master told me

“The best way to understand something isn’t always study, nor usage of it but rather immersing oneself in it”.

So i sat in the centre and connected my whole being to it, i felt as if i had slowly dissolved into it and had become this sacred geometric form. I had become it, i had felt every element, every form, every consciousness, everything in creation as this singular thing and i felt a oneness which i had not felt in a long time. In that moment of supreme bliss and oneness, i heard the voice of the master.

“Remember next time you have a form, a shape, a symbol, or sigil, don’t only study, use or meditate upon it. Enter it just like this”.

Immediately afterwards i returned to my body and placed a sigil of Asmodeus out before me, i gazed into it, scrying into it and decided to experiment with this. Eyes closed and a lined imprint appeared behind the blackness of my eyes and i projected myself towards it like a gateway, there my astral body sat in a void.
In this void was a fiery sigil, the flames were composed of the fires of Golachab, the qlipha ruled over by Asmodeus himself. I felt that in that moment i was inside Asmodeus himself, as if he was a literal dimension, i felt as if he had invoked me rather than i invoking him.

A unfathomable and incredible experience, i must definitely experiment with this moreso, it opens many new doors of possibility and potential.


So I see you tried a ancient advancement technique known as sleep deprivation, great job, not sure if your still active but twas wondering do you have any more sleep deprivation stories you can recommend from you to me and all others I mean by what’s your experience with sleep deprivation not saying it doesn’t work because I’ve unknowingly reach theta via sleep deprivation and crazy things started happening and I felt the hand of a physical spirit not spiritual touch this twas physical other magicians do say theta is a trance we’re you can physically touch a spirit I researched some stories and experience theses things myself, please respond ASAP Multiverse

I literally say this all the time, the most advanced magicians just meditate all day and barely do ritual magick, the power is the consciousness itself, the tools mean nothing without the consciousness, they can help train the consciousness but it’s heavily limiting if one is dependent on them

The dragons also encourage magick without tools as much as possible because everything is energy, the more you interact with that the more magick you develop in those realms directly, ritual magick will begin to feel like breadcrumbs after that point, and feeling those high energies makes me feel heavy sometimes when doing an external ritual

I think magick will become more of an internal practice rather than external in the future

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