Soul Travel, Astral Travel

Hey does anyone have any good exercise to practice soul travel and astral travel? Im looking for step by step directions and help with visualization. I seemed to be making progress with nightly exercies and meditations I was doing but now I feel like Ive hit a block and am sruggling for even basic visualizations like the golden orb filling my body with light. So anyone out there Id appreciate any advice you may have. Im stuck and its driving me crazy!


Bitterroot outlined a pretty cool method:

Beyond that, I would recommend picking up a copy of Astral Dynamics (revised) by Robert Bruce. He gives very precise, readable methods for training yourself and then projecting. If you are diligent with your practice, I feel pretty confident you’ll project. If you’re impatient but have money to spare, you could go to his website and buy his video series instead - I haven’t used the videos myself, but I believe they are quite good (and they have a money-back guarantee).


thanks red circle as always you have great advice. I dont really have the spare money but I have the drive to do what i gotta do. It just sucks cause i was making a lot of progress and even getting to the theta gamma synch like EA talks about where you feel weightless and when I did that I even went through a doorway to another reality but just havent been able to get there again. The more I think about it the harder it will probably be though cause im trying to hard.

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Yea, when you try too hard, that breaks your sync.

As a simplified method, until you can find a workbook or a pdf with more detailed instructions, do this:

  1. sit in a chair. this will give you multiple short attempts, multiplying the value of your preparation. put a pillow under your feet if you need to to be comfortable - have loose fitting clothing, no clothing, or a light covering. don’t be restricted, but don’t catch a chill.

  2. get into a state of complete physical relaxation. you can find yoga methods online, or you can simply progressively tighten and then relax (for several seconds) each muscle group in your body, starting with your toes, and working all the way up through your core, neck, face, and mouth. don’t forget to breathe. (practice this relaxation often and separately, but make sure you do it before any astral attempts)

  3. continue breathwork until you feel relaxed, and keep your attention on your breathing. once you are ready, get into the theta-gamma sync with whatever method you are using.

  4. once you are in the sync, use any number of astral exit techniques, one after another, until you exit. if you need a few suggestions, i will detail a few below. whenever you nod off or have exit symptoms/strange feelings but then they go away, get back into the sync and try again.

  5. when you finally exit, keep it short and sweet. it’s more important to remember your exit the first few times than it is to do something meaningful with it. look around the room, look around the astral, look around whereever you are, glory in your moment, and then return to your body. pick up your notebook (you’ve got a notebook, right?!) and write down the experience. try to detail which method(s) you used, how long it took you to get ready, etc.

Note: if you wake up in the middle of the night, you can circumvent all the previous steps and jump right into making an exit attempt. if you get too worked up, take a few moments to re-enter the sync and try again. just make sure you keep it short and sweet if you succeed, then wake up and write it down before going back to bed.

Note 2: astral projection work, especially when you start doing energy work, will also awaken lucid dreaming abilities. keep a notebook, a pen, and a light-source near your bed from now on. anytime you wake up with the memory of a dream, write down a few notes before going back to sleep and then fill in the details in the morning. this will greatly aide your recall of lucid dreams, regular dreams, and astral projection attempts/successes.

Exit techniques:

  1. the rope technique: using your awareness, imagine there is a rope in front of you. it isn’t as important that you can “see” the rope, but instead that you can “feel” it. grasp the rope with your awareness hands and start pulling yourself up the rope. feel with your whole body the sensation of climbing the rope. keep going until the sensations get stronger and stronger, you should eventually come out of your body. you can also try this with a ladder or stairs - the important part is “feeling” that it is happening. try to use your imagination, or learn tactile imaging techniques to get this down.

  2. the body bounce - start at your feet, and move your awareness up through your body to your head, and back down again. as with the above technique, the “feeling” is more important that visualizing it. try not to skip, but actually feel your awareness moving through each part of your body as you go. once this becomes comfortable, start allowing your awareness to move up past your head and down below your feet with each cycle. bounce your awareness further and further out. you may soon feel heavy symptoms, keep going.

for variations, you can also trying spinning your awareness in any which direction around or through your body. you can also try imagining your awareness as a ball, and bouncing through you from floor to ceiling, through you from side to side, or by bouncing of each wall in a circle - north south east west north south east west … you can also focus on your breathing, feeling yourself expanding out of your body and filling your room with the in-breath, shrinking into your body with the out-breath, back and forth.

  1. instant projection - from your current sitting position, disassociate with your current body feelings, and instead fully feel yourself standing up several feet away from yourself, facing another direction. in a very detailed and immersive way, feel your new position, see what you would be seeing from your new vantage point. if you slip in your trance, regain it, and then push back into this exercise.

Has anyone worked with Satagraal or Thalos from Kingdoms of Flame to help with projection?

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[Cant say I have but I also dont have that book? What does kingdoms of flame have to say about the subject?

@Xavier - thanks for sharing this technique. I will give it a shot.

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@Count Zero: Nothing specifically on the ‘how-to’, if I remember correctly, but those are two spirits given that help with projection.

Can you tell me more about the theta gamma sync, is it like looking into the middle distance while relaxed? Just want to be clear on this step before trying to going into obe. Also can one actually see the room? I can feel my ‘awarness’ in my body or sometimes extend it but dont know how to make it ‘pop out’ lol

Redcircle hasn’t posted in two years so he most likely will not respond to your question.

The Theta Gamma Sync is just EA’s term for a deep trance state. Theta is the state on the border of sleep, and when held for a short amount of time without falling into Delta (sleep), it triggers bursts of the Gamma state, which is a state of enhanced awareness.

This seems more like a description of the Alpha state, rather than Theta.


Thank you for your response. Is there any way of getting into theta mode quickly and simply? Thanks

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Yeah. Practice.

As EA said in one of his books, it used to take him 30 minutes of meditation, thought stopping and pranayama to get there but now he just has to focus on his breath for a moment and he immediately drops into it. The more you do it, the easier it gets.

As you drift off to sleep, and when waking up, try to extend the hypnogogic state which is the place between sleep and awake. That is Theta, and by learning to consciously extend it, you will learn how to keep yourself in Theta. Then you can anchor it to a gesture, and, by making the gesture, enter the state at will.

You can also try binaural beats. They work for some people, though not for me.


Not too long ago I laid on my bed and felt dizzy due to the long time of my thought silence.
It was if my mind was spinning in a circle inside
of me. Do you think this is a beginning of a
projection? I first thought, ok enough for today.
My breathing was normal, I’m sure the dizzy state came from the silence in my mind. Others talk from vibrations as the beginning. Could this spinning be the beginning instead for me?


i felt like i was gonna throw up aa
i feel like a yellow lightness wt