Soul swapping or body hopping

If it’s put in an individual it will simply be latched to them.

A fragment that reincarnates is independent if the soul it fragmented from allowed it independence upon fragmentation, otherwise it still remains tethered to the soul it fragmented from.

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So if you’re an incarnate entity like angel or demon "that is not allowed independence " you get reabsorbed into the being upon dying?

It’s a possibility, or you work for the original soul that you fragmented from as one of its people.

Existence is crooked

So they are never able to develop free will if programmed not to be able to?

You don’t program a fragment, theyre not constructs. A fragment is a literal piece of soul, you don’t program things into a soul like that if you need to do such a thing it’s not a fragment and most likely a servitor. A soul has what the original soul has in every way unless it becomes a “blank slate” in which case then it can develop on its own but if it’s attached to someone else it may not be capable of developing as it’s not experiencing anything first hand but just along for the ride.

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This sounds so interesting! There’s a book by Frank Young called Spirit Thought Magic, that discusses this (near the end though). I used the techniques (sorry, forgot it now; but it comprises of just astral travelling into their body, like you can with their mind), and did it to my uncle’s ex wife, so basically was hiding their kids from us. I messed her up, and instilled thoughts like she felt like an awful person for doing what she’s doing. Next thing I knew, the kids came earlier than she said they would. She also let them stay for 3 weeks, which is longer than she normally would.

Sometimes I think about that, and wonder if I could go into her body and shut it down. I went into her body and my skin & ovaries started feeling weird, suddenly. Then I found out she had some severe Ovary cancer and skin issues. I would be careful of that too, because when you leave their body, you may take it back with you.

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Stop giving me evil ideas.

What im going to say is highly theoretical. I believe though, it would be possible, if someone had a solid connection to and understanding of their own soul/essence/ka, to pool that energy into your aura (or perhaps a fetish or a crystal), and then when you need to posses someone, send that energy into their aura. I think if done correctly and you have a large enough amount of energy to work with, that it would paralyse the recipient. (Think like a surge of electricity taking a computer offline forcing it to have to reboot).

In that time, while they are paralysed, your energy would be the majority and dominant. And since this is the energy of the soul that would mean your soul is dominant. I believe this would effectively accomplish the same thing but without projection. Essentially you would have a puppet for your own motives, a reflection of your own soul in a second body.

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The yogis say that a dead body can retain prana for upto 4 hours after the person dies - it is within this time that (those that know how) can jump into that body and reactivate it. Body hopping is nothing new in witchcraft et al. In fact there is a great film in which it features called - The Skeleton Key



But your energy/soul isn’t dominant, the aura is a reflection of the mental, spiritual, physical, and emotional health of the individual among other things, it’s emitting from the person, sending your energy into their aura if anything would be like coating covering them in your energy but their soul is still there and the dominant factor in their body(s). However, this sounds more like influencing them than possessing them.

Maybe more like puppeting a person than possesion. I could settle on influencing though.

I dont know a whole ton about the aura so I wont say that energy is also pulled into the person through the aura though I do suspect it. What I will say is I know a person can sense and will react to changes within their own aura. By causing such a massive change within a persons aura you may stun them for a while. While they are stunned your soul may puppet them. I suspect this would take a substantial amount of energy though.


There is a practice of aura manipulation, allowed the person to use the aura like they use their own energy, shielding, attacking, in spell work, among other things.

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My husband has been possessed a few times he describes it as being black out drunk without drinking or just a sip.

He sleeps well after and because I’m there nothing really bad happens but it is really a total loss of control.



I’ll give you a neutral idea. You can give someone a playbook on how to act like you would per situation.

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Wow! This is a sensational topic/conversation it gave me the chilly willies it has me all the way! With that said, it reminded of something I came across a few times I’ve read all his books, and have studied and practiced as much as I can. His pen name is Draja Mickaharic Born in Bosia in 1912 His father was a civil servant in the old Hungarian Empire. His whereabouts now is unknown.

He has two books that relate to this topic the 1st one is Immortality the other one is The Long Lived. this is the one I’m gonna refer to, Draja Mickaharic was contacted by a Spirit occupying a host body. The man/entity starts to page through his mental card catalog looking for fresh new host, once he finds one, the next concern is a trusted facilitator, he does the same thing go through his Spirit directory and lands on guess who? Draja Mickaharic! So this searcher reaches out and snoops into Draja Mickaharic’s life, Draja picks up on it and reads his mind back and and tells him " I know you and what your looking for, Draja Michaharic tells the searcher come back later on such & such time and we’ll discuss what it is I can do. the balance of the story is in the book and can be found on Amazon ~ The book is called “The Long Lived” the story is listed in the table of contents as Vamus - Beck chapter 5 on page 215.