Soul contracts with spirits?

I recently stumbled across this post on youtube (that I’ve quoted below) and it really got me thinking…

“I strongly agree that the shaman is not in control of the spirits, but quite the opposite. They don’t take no for an answer. Obviously, they didn’t kill me, but they made my life miserable until I chose to work with them rather than against them. I suppose they knew I had a lot of societal bullshit to flush out of my mind before I could work with them”.

I relate to this quite a bit as sometimes it feels for me that certain patron spirits (particularly Lucifer and Hecate) are so deeply connected to me that no amount of pushing them aside seems to work. Their energy and or messages seem to come and go regardless of whether I want to receive it or not. In some ways I would liken it to the feeling with family, that you may cut off from them but there is always a sense of your connection (to a greater or smaller degree) regardless of what you do.

I’ve wrestled with this at times as someone who likes to be in control. There’s a part of me that doesn’t like any spirit or consciousness having a strong effect on me unless I want it to at that particular time. I’m curious as to others thoughts/experiences to this situation and whether this is some truth to this, or that it is also potentially a lack of will or belief on my behalf as to renouncing a connection to a spirit (if I chose to do so).

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