Soul and higher self destruction

Ea says in the higher planes, your ego leaves, but it comes back once you return to your body. That is why people say spirits cannot go up there.

You can heal from even the most fucked up things, it is possible.


That’s EA experience but my experience is different so it’s quite possible he went to a particular place that the “ego” doesn’t come to. However without the ego you’re just a mindless drone in my opinion.

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Yes, he went to the plane that source is in.

Yeah I don’t view source within a plane so that’s where our experiences differ. My experience with source is that the many sources make up the planes and things within it. Not that it exists in a plane by itself or existing in that same context.

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I think if he’s had the same experience I did, that referred to the way in which Source is the “real” you, Self, not small self, and the ego is the mask it puts on, each of us separately are masks of that same being (hence “Namaste” etc) so you go to a place before the mask, you’re not like a human trying to function without an ego.

I describe my concept a bit better here:


I have had enough glimpses of dropping ego to know that it doesn’t make you a mindless drone. It’s more like dropping baggage and becoming something more.


This will be a fun thing to talk about when i will get some free time.

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The way I view ego is the personality, that what makes you an individual. Without it you have no sense of self. The idea of oneness to me is the idea that everyone is energy and energy is interconnected.

Source as in your true self? Like the concept of being the all or different? And I’ll read it here in a bit aye


Or/and nothing at all, which has its perks, too.

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True. Dropping ego helps to leave your own sense of self in order to get behind someone elses mind or an “alien” mechanism in general without using your own point of view. Its like you become a white canvas for a short period of time. In my personal workings I often depend on me being a white canvas because “I” (or what I think I am) is full of settings that would hinder me to REALLY understand something/someone on neutral grounds. My ego is a self entitled prick, tho.


I thought dropping ego means dropping self. Dropping memories and everything that makes you you

Yep. It’s handy in all kinds of ways. When I drop ego, I become nothing. In becoming nothing, it seems that I become everything. This “nothing” is the observer behind my eyes. That is what I have come to see as my true self.


I do believe this is possible. Bit of a TL;DR why…

It’s my experience that entities can be ‘killed’ - a process I think of as the dissolution of it’s pattern of energies into it’s constituent parts such that the exact pattern with those exact energies cannot be retrieved (like if they’re already being used elsewhere - a god could remake the pattern, but it would be a clone not the original).

Since a human is an incarnate entity, and assuming all entities can be dissolved, the entity incarnate as human can be dissolved. But now we have to ask, under what circumstances can this happen? And to answer that, we need to understand incarnation more.

In my personal knowings, there’s two main ways I’ve discovered of incarnating. One is that a ‘higher self’ entity directly incarnates as human, usually splitting it’s energy so that some remains outside of time and space. The other is that the self creates an egregoric spirit, possibly pulling energies form other beings and concepts to do so.
I’m a geek, so in my mind, the difference is akin to an instance of a program that exists only in RAM vs a copy of the program that is further edited before launching. :slight_smile:

Ok, so for the first case, the incarnate is a fragment of a larger being - which itself is an incarnation, or more like, a projection, of a conscious power outside of spacetime into your reality. The entire being must agree to dissolve itself to cease to exist, which requires the power behind it to agree to stop projecting it, and there are rules of the universe you can use to cause this agreement naturally.

Since the incarnate Aspect has limitations, it’s likely unaware of information and perspectives of the higher self outside of it’s current lifetime. It incarnated for reasons/contracts/pacts that not not all usually well understood, and these reasons are why the incarnation both continues and why the higher self doesn’t just agree to dissolve.

For the second case, the egregore, there are two paths depending on whether it has gained sovereignty, that is, the right to choose to become an independent entity through extensive self development. If it is not sovereign, it’s not quite it’s own creature and the Aspect case applies.
But an egregore that gains sovereignty during one or a series of incarnations, will have the choice to, same as the aspect, return to it’s direct source (the higher self) and be no more, or incarnate again still attached to the higher self. If it chooses sovereignty, it can continue as a named entity that is no longer attached directly to or under any control of the original higher self - it is now it’s own higher self, effectively, and can make the decision for dissolution.

One method for dissolution would be for the higher self to send itself through a black hole. That dissembles the pattern and spits out the deconstructed energy, I think some into this multiverse but some doesn’t escape the black hole, and may go into into other multiverses or may be stored until the multiverse itself dies.

My recommendation is to invoke your higher self and let it know you are not dealing well with your trauma, that you wish to leave, and ask it’s advice.


Thank you for the reply. I will definitely try to do your suggestion.

Thank you Lady_Eva, illtry some more. I appreciate for you for reply, its quite helpful to keep it in mind. :slight_smile: :heart:

Why would you want to utterly end your existance? Have you no hope of a better place in the afterlife??? Weather it be heaven or hell, a better place is possible. Even in hell if you pacted with a demon that actually cares about you, it’s not so bad.

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There is an entire religion centered around that concept called “Buddhism”.

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I’ve used buddhistic methods of meditation before I got bored of them. Once you hit nirvana you still exist, but it’s pointless. Rest, Nullification Light, Bliss, who needs it? (no sarcasm) I’d much rather live and manifest in creation eternally rather than do psychic heroin and drop out.

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Suicide, ending your own life, is a tragic reaction to stressful life situations; in its context the act by which a person deliberately causes death.

In the foundations of necromancy / it is the magical practice of communicating with the dead / suicide is detestable:

  • The condition of the one who executes it is tied or bound between this dimension and the next one, therefore under the magnifying glass of necromancy it becomes what is called a dark dead trapped in his memory that led him to that outcome and lives wandering, restless and tormented by his regret he believed would cease after expiring.
  • Suicides under the necromantic doctrine do not go into reincarnation because as explained their resulting or transformed energy essence after living is tied between two dimensions and therefore does not migrate to the process of incarnation.
  • In the necromantic doctrine:
    reincarnation does not exist because reincarnation is to return to life after certifying death, what travels in your conscience / tanatonauts return to their same body never enter a different body in other words they return to their same flesh and in doing so they are not reincarnated they are returning to his own flesh or his same framework so to speak!
    In the incarnation the higher being / the soul / conscience of the one who was already in that dimension takes flesh and it is from there where memories of past lives and other random themes are born in the development of his equlibrio in his new habitat or body. A pleasure