Soul and higher self destruction

Hey sorry to ask and bother y’all, but I was curious if anyone of you guys might know if there is a way that a person can kill their high self and or completely destroy their soul from the All?
If there is a way may you please assist me in knowing how it can be done?
Also how long might it take?
I appreciate everyone by the way, and I apologize for disturbing anyone that I disturbed.


Um…no. You cannot “destroy” your Higher Self or “destroy your soul from the All,” whatever that means.

Your Higher Self isn’t something separate from you, it is you. If it was to be somehow destroyed, you will cease to exist, thus defeating the entire purpose of Ascension.

And following the Law of the Conservation of Energy, the energy would just flow back to the Eternal Source and be reconstituted anyway.


Thanks for the reply sir.
Sorry if im being quite annoying with the follow up question, but is there anyway how a person with magick can cause themself to “cease to exist”?

You think suicide and having the intent of ceasing to exist might do it?

Also if you’re wondering, no i will not be committing suicide, nor will i be harming myself. I was just curious.


If you commit suicide you still enter the cycle of reincarnation. Your ego consciousness ceases to be, which is what is responsible for your “intent” to not exist, but your soul and energetic imprint will be still be returned to the Source and recycled.

The whole idea behind the concept of Ascension is to maintain individual existence beyond death, and not enter the cycle of rebirth. If you are seeking non existence, then you are working against the entire point of magick.


If you don’t mind me asking, what would your motivation for wanting to do this be? I’m also curious as to what you believe the “Higher Self” and the “All” to be. I’m not trying to be mean, but to me this question doesn’t really make sense, so I’m trying to understand you better. Perhaps if you elaborate more on your thoughts that would help.

Hard to put it better or more concisely than this.
It’s a gross oversimplification to say that people have “a soul”. Really, just about everything has got at least two, and depending how you count it, more like three or four.

All of those pieces are wholly “You”, but don’t necessarily agree on what sort of “You” they are, nor do they have to anymore once you don’t have a shared vessel making your self-bits move in the same direction.

Edit for Afterthought:
On the other hand, the egoistic bit that can still hold its living idea of refusing to rejoin with the source could likely make that call, it just has little to no real hold on those other parts of the self.

Ive been through many tough experiences in my life. One of them, which is sorta recent (1 and a half years ago) is stuck in my head. It developed to a bit of a trauma for me, and no matter what I do, I still think of it. So I would like to obliterate my existence so that way in a sense, I am no longer here, in any way.
From my understanding of the text I read the all, is what every thing in existence, of all kinds, come from. Basically it’s the the one and only true god. Not like religions see it, but like literally the source of all. The higher self from what I understand from the text’s I read, is the one true being of a being. It is connected and part of the mass universal consciousness. (If that makes sense. Sorry if it doesnt, im sorta new to this stuff. Ive only been learning about magick and etc for almost 8 months)

I just feel like I need a reboot and a deletion. I dont see myself ascending in this life time, after all the things ive experienced. And because I now see how bad life can get, I no longer want to be “rebirth” in the universe.


Well technically yes but that’s like after death, the soul is only semi immortal meaning it doesn’t age or anything like that. However, it can still be “destroyed” in the sense of ceasing to be a conscious soul and more of say food for another entity or ambient energy for the environment. Energy isn’t created nor destroyed only transferred. Even a soul can cease to be conscious energy.


I think that would be unlikely. Souls are supposed to live in the highest planes, where you cannot have ego to get there

From my own experience I don’t really agree with that. I’ve seen a soul consumed by another entity. The idea of ego not being able to get somewhere is the idea that the ego is a bad thing. Oneness can exist with an ego.


Ea says in the higher planes, your ego leaves, but it comes back once you return to your body. That is why people say spirits cannot go up there.

You can heal from even the most fucked up things, it is possible.


That’s EA experience but my experience is different so it’s quite possible he went to a particular place that the “ego” doesn’t come to. However without the ego you’re just a mindless drone in my opinion.

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Yes, he went to the plane that source is in.

Yeah I don’t view source within a plane so that’s where our experiences differ. My experience with source is that the many sources make up the planes and things within it. Not that it exists in a plane by itself or existing in that same context.

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I think if he’s had the same experience I did, that referred to the way in which Source is the “real” you, Self, not small self, and the ego is the mask it puts on, each of us separately are masks of that same being (hence “Namaste” etc) so you go to a place before the mask, you’re not like a human trying to function without an ego.

I describe my concept a bit better here:


I have had enough glimpses of dropping ego to know that it doesn’t make you a mindless drone. It’s more like dropping baggage and becoming something more.


This will be a fun thing to talk about when i will get some free time.

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The way I view ego is the personality, that what makes you an individual. Without it you have no sense of self. The idea of oneness to me is the idea that everyone is energy and energy is interconnected.

Source as in your true self? Like the concept of being the all or different? And I’ll read it here in a bit aye