Sorry I should know this- but what are these things

I can’t even find a google image but it’s hard when I’m not sure what they’re called. Like cubes of letters with seemingly nothing spelt out at least in English- almost cipher like. Seen them in various grimores but no real description as to they’re intent. I know a lot of folks here know what I mean and can probably provide an image. I’ll try and round up a photo if need be.

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Yeah I would need to see this because I have no idea what you are talking about.

Magick squares?

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Magick squares.

Magick squares is probably what there called. What is there purpose? I am finding similar images with numbers but not letters- seem to form a sigil of sorts.

i think they are sometimes called kameas


I’ve always read and heard that particular term used with planetary squares. :thinking:

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I found a picture of what I was talking about? You can make out lucifer but the rest I don’t know unless they’re entities I’m not familiar with

yeah they are magick squares used just as you would use a sigil to summon an entity…though i think these squares tend to summon multiple entities