Sorry about that. I ,simply, became over excited. This text to all, will clarify

I do explain in my videos on youtube that the whole idea of reptilian overlords and the ‘Illuminati’ and all the other New Age teachings are False Teachings, so wrong that ,even despite, their right ideas, their value, even in the rightness of some, is no longer worth the risk of trying to fish through. It is simply not valuable enough to risk it. Simply just let it go. That is to say, this too shall pass.
I am both sorry for my previous failing to try and explain this clearly. I still get moments of a kinda too much lacking of my practical side.You see, this is not to abandon our practical selves. No, they, along with the rest ,and the all of us, must be challenged still and grow to. The point is not to reach perfection, to cease growing. That would be monstrous. Or simply think of it as, I am simply staying too much in the right , or the two hemispheres of the brain in complete connection. Basically, I am still learning, though quite quickly , to deal with this ever so slightly dif state of being to my previous one.
Also, understand that, I am not talking about some kind of mass awakening. People will awaken in their own time, when the moment is right and they simply, in the wholeness of the all of them, realize this. But also, that they can choose to wake up at any moment. That’s the main point. I neither want anyone, or most, or all to wake up(though that’s not exactly possible) in anything less, than their own perfect (which the wholeness of the all of them knows perfectly when.) time, which only they can truly know. It was very disrespectful of me to suggest anything more than the possibility of awakening to you all and the whole of you all , as the source, in all, is ever so similar, and yet, simply of course, also ever so slightly dif from the rest of us. We are three and we are free and we are all one also . this is all. I am so very sorry for this to but I know now, this painful learning,was neccessary, and was to and will keep me ,at the very least ,much more practical in the future k.
I am not talking about anything like believing that ‘the angels’ or ‘the highest aspects of ourselves from Cirious’( and these too are only weak, confusing ,reflections of various parts of ourselves) are going to come save us. No rather, I am trying to honestly express, that I simply want us to save ourselves. And I simply mean, to save ourselves from the confusion of not knowing , when and how we are ready.
You see it is simply that I am no longer afraid. I am no longer suffering. I just ,at the core of it, want people to know they always have hope and joy and everything else they need already inside of them and to not, not trust anyone(of course that is not the way) but simply not to trust anyone over themselves. Just to let it be and believe in yourself.
I am truly sorry for any worry or extra confusion my too fast actions have caused and I hope this explains things more clearly K :wink: laters. Thank you for being so honest , as always. I actually knew this would be your reaction, so I feel, now, I know now that I needed you( and the all of you) to ground me, not to be so overwhelmed by creativity and connection :slight_smile:
I am also still adjusting at the moment (which is why I’m now typing slower and gently turning my attention away from the all of me.
I am, simply now,adjusting, which is to say, more simply, get over the over flowing with emotions when I allow a direct connection with the source. Also for now , think of the source simply as the source of the emotions and thoughts within you. I am still learning and the need to share can overcome too much so I am very sorry for that. Thank you for your always practical guidance. Namaste, Laters.
P.S. Ok that’s enough from me for now. I promise I will be practical and gently inspired in my future posts. MUCH LOVE AND GOOD VIBES
.I will sign off now and just chill with some music. Ah man ,ya gotta laugh, ya really do.