Sorath and your brain

They say Sorath works with your brain’s id and causes your behavior to change…

I’m trying but I can’t see any changes

Any suggestions ?

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Have you tried giving it time?

Have you tried working with Sorath over multiple weeks (months) to achieve the desired change?

Magick to change the mindset of a person, unless you are extraordinary gifted and powerful, takes time. If you are trying to change your own behavior and did a rite, have you, yourself worked towards this change or are you betting on magick just to carry you to a new ‘you’?

I can do a spell to rid myself of anxiety all I want, but if my monkey mind is contsantly battered with anxiety Im not going to find a way out. Spirits can help you see a path. They can point the way, even clear a way and give you hints and tips, but you need to walk the path yourself. Be diligant in the change you want to see yourself.

Here are some things you might want to think about before you go changing your personality with the help of a spirit:

-Why do you want to change in the first place? What is your goal here? Your reasons!
-What can you do to promote that change within yourself beyond magick?
-What habits can I form to help me change?
-Formulate a battle plan. Write out the transformation process: how you are going to go about seeing that change within yourself.
-Do you have doubts about your work or your ability to achieve this change? Where do they come from?

I would advise forming a relationship with the spirit you are working with. It doesnt have to be deep or anything, but you should get to know the spirit so you know what you are getting into. You should meditate on the changes you want to achieve and most importantly give it time. People dont (usually) change overnight, and doing inner work on yourself takes a lot out of you. Be patient with yourself. Be patient with those who you are asking for help. Be open and receptive to opportunities that align with the personality type you are trying to achieve.

It is just a lot of people want to change their personality with magick. A lot of people also think that they will have booming magnetic, charismatic, outgoing personalities without doing the work to break out of their shell. They are unwilling to do the work to change, and then wonder why the spirit ‘failed’ them when they were too absorbed in getting results that they missed character building opportunities lined up by the spirit (such as being invited to that party, but you decided to stay home instead because you couldnt work up the courage -might be a true story).

Its great that you want to change. There is always room to grow and expand. Though you need to know your roots and your desire so that you can hang onto it even in the toughest times. Your reason will be your drive. Give it time, and dont get frustrated with yourself. Frustration only leads to failure, which leads to more doubt, with further destroys your work. You are your own worst critic.


i 've been working with Sorath for a month and he changed just one thing, which is the most important. he made me become heartless, i was too nice, too naïve, wanting to help everyone etc…
now… idgaf

what do you want to change? are you ready for the change , because YOU work on it, he just puts situations in front of you to understand


@Ryce yes I understand what you mean and thank you so much for your guidance…

I think you’re right I need to give it time and put in more work…

I want serious change so I will have to give it the necessary time and put in the necessary work

@ebdr THAT ONE THING is one of the things I seriously want…

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If ya don’t mind me asking; how do you work with Sorath? Please and thank you

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i connected with him because i had fears, and i wanted to have full power and full confidence in magic to grow a business.

to be honest i called him only once, he talked to me , left and when something comes to me i know it’s him.

in the beginning i wanted to tattoo his sigil, but his sigil does not give me energy whereas when i call his name i feel a rush of energy right away.

we should not be scare of Sorath, he is truth, if you lie to yourself he’ll mess up with you to put things right as a lesson, if you are true to yourself he’ll transform you himself and one day you’ll realised that you changed , and you did not even notice.

we should note fear the change for the better.

i had total faith in him and put up no resistance, i gave him full access to myself, mind , body, spirit.


If you works with sorath
You will have full confidence and you will become very arrogant,
Ok i assume sorath is same as fire giant surt norse pantheon
When you work with surt/sorath! You will feel or see there is fire barrier surround you!

I would try meditating on these words. It’s what I’ve done and it’s definitely effected my behavior. Sorath works with the reward center in your brain, and makes it go off when moving towards your most complete self or your current goals in the working.

But he really gives you more of what you need then what you want. :metal:

(Sorath Channeling By EA Koetting)

I am the light that is the light within all things. not the light itself which is seen, but the light that lights the way for that which isn’t seen. Take your scepter, take your throne, for nonother shall give it to you. I ask not that others should praise me, I ask not that they worship me, yet they do, they do. because I give light and life to man. It is I who gives glory to the gods, by the very association with me, by my light that shines upon them. Become the light that is the light within all things, at all times, in all places, in all that you do, and all that you do not do.

By your very being, be the unmoving center around which all others move. Seek not to become me, seek to become you, your own sun. Not black, nor yellow, nor white inside, but colors all your own, and you shall transcend the spectrum. In the season of violet, be you violet light, and in the season of crimson, be you, crimson light, and in the season of gold be you golden light, but know that you are none of these. Allow the light, that is seen, to be seen as beautiful, to all who see it, even as the golden rays of the sun, know that there is a black sphere within, concealed in your blinding light. Yet also know that you are not the black sun either, as this also conceals the hidden God, within his secret chamber. Keep the chamber secret and the hidden God will reign in the heaven endlessly.



Others will be compelled to unite with you, to fly towards you, to be taken into your burning core. Although they can feel your heat, and although they know that it will devour them. They will seek for you to devour them, they will be compelled to immolate themselves before you. Be not compelled by anything whatsoever. You are the one that compels, not the one that is compelled. If you ask them to come they will flee. If you tell them to flee, they may come or they may flee, or they may do nothing at all. For why should they concern themselves for you, one whom asks? Become the light that is the light, within all things, and all things will know their home is within you, and they will know that there is no other path, that does not lead to you.

In all that you do, create beautiful things or shine light on that which is beautiful. beauty is the only truth. Your rise must be slow and gradual, for if you appear in the heavens as if it were noon in the twinkling of an eye, all men will consider you to be their enemy. Yet if you appear bit by bit, and if you bring down this light at once and good things to others, and if you bring desolation and heat and strife to them, they will learn not only to acknowledge your constant presence but they will learn to depend upon it.

I am the all, and you are the all. The dynamic uncontrollable aspect of the sun, this is not what you wish to posses. Indeed, that aspect is that which is fleeting, and I, I reign forever in the sky. My days are not numbered by any number calculable to man. I do not force others to partake in my gifts, or to enjoy them, and to praise me for them. I simply give my gifts. I give my gifts as well as my curses. I give my blessings as well as desolation to all men. Whether they love me or hate me, I give and give, and those who are burned with whom my light unveils will curse my name, and will scorn me. Those who accept and receive my bounty will praise me! None of these matter at all to me, for I simply give, I give, forever and ever.

I am all of the sun that you can comprehend at this point. My doors are open for you still seek answers, and you still seek the way of domination. Release, and become the sun and give your blessings and your curses, and all of who you are to the world, over and over, forever and ever. Never rising more slowly, nor setting more early, because some may curse you or because some may bless you. My power is not in my burning, nor in the radiation that I cast into black space. My power is not in the reaction of my light with the trees of your earth and the plants thereof. My power is that all men know, whether they love me or they hate me, that I am here and i will give them all of myself, and none cane deny that each day, day after day, forever and ever, that I am God here.