Songs and music in Magick 🎶

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Have anyone of You ever tried to play music in the background or in Your headphones when You do Your rituals? I have found it really helpful for me personally, especially if the song’s theme, or lyrics are even remotely related to what I want to do… Almost like a subconscious booster :musical_note: Have You ever tried it? I know that certain Native and shamanic music helps greatily in going into trance, but I have noticed that WORDS spoken in certain songs work almost as affirmations if You use them and catalyse them correctly… Have any of You ever had similar experience? :heart_eyes:


I already made a post about this, but there are songs that can be passively used to summon energies from one’s current, or actively used by singing, playing or dancing them. Some of the ones I use:

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Thank You very much :heart_eyes:

I play my guitar while singing an enn sometimes, oh yes, music is truly helpful.:two_hearts:

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