Sometimes my intuition is solidly wrong

Even when I ask something I alread know sometimes I repeatedly get solid “NO” pulses, when it’s quite clearly yes I am really worried. Why is this?

The intuition is of feminine nature and rational thought of masculine nature ; not going to be the best opinion here but try balancing your energies maybe


Learn to drop your mind.


@John_Wick Thanks for the advice! I am quite balanced already but I will look into it.

@anon84423462 I do that, actually. It’s all feelings, gut feelings.

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Then its not intuition. Its just bad logic.

Maybe! But please expand on that. I usually feel it in my torso region, it’s kind of like a pulse. Isn’t that usually intuition? Maybe I was too caught up in my logical process to realize my thoughts directed it? What do you think?


@Maxwell You can never be so sure,give a thought to it, it might be the reason or it might not but mind is a real trickster.Just don’t cross the possibility of this imo.

My intuition (haha) says something about “mixing up signals”. How do I avoid that?

Do you mean like getting wrong frequincies on radios?

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More like getting the right frequency but recieving it wrong


Calculations of logic can be so habitually engrained in our thought processes that they happen instantaneous, paralleling feelings that we might associate with certain common denominators, tricking us into assumptions based on predictive programming.

Intuition utilizes these processes but can be hindered by frontal lobe discernments, intuition is always right unless otherwise skewed by faulty logic and habitual reason lacking innovation because it is weighed down by what you think something ‘should’ be.


So how can we be sure we aren’t falling into that trap?

Then I would say your logic is interfaring it somehow.I never encountered this or if I did maybe I didnt mind, so I cant help further than this, sorry :smile:

Learn to identify what it feels like when your intuition proves right, and get familiar with that feeling.

This is unrelated, but can you confirm something here, provided you trust your intuition? This is one of the stronger intuitive drives I have.

I believe something important to beh appening soon. Does your intuition believe my intuition to be right? If so, then I’m mostly okay.

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That all depends on how you define ‘something important’… A good intuition has a strong knowledge base and definition of terms.

I could say yes or no an still be right either way based on a vague ‘something important’

Well, I didn’t want to get into specifics, but it’s the most important thing to me right now. Do you need to know that to get the answer?

Well to be honest my intuition is bogged down by paranoia bout whether or not you are trolling me because of trauma I have associated with forums and gangstalkers in my past.

But if I was to follow my first feeling when I read your question, than my intuition says yes you are right.


Try working with Haniel. This archangel will improve your intuition in time

Good. I never wanted to hurt anyone like that, I’m just some kid trying to get their life straight,

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