Something Wonderful (long overdue post)

Alright so I’ve gotten a lot of messages on here that I haven’t gotten to answering yet, so I thought I’d create this post here both in regards to messages I get and to something wonderful I’ve learned and wanted to share with everyone on here.

Ever since I was young child I had visions of a powerful female-formed spirit named Agatha. She is my guide and one who has self-realized Godhood and the universe. In the last 5 years I learned how to do automatic writing and then to channel and communicate with spirits telepathically, including Agatha.

My journey led me to this powerful sound and meditation practice which Agatha has told me and that she told me I can share with anyone and everyone.

The lone sound is “Alsega” (Ahl-Seh-Gah).

The way you use it by chanting the word like a mantra while visualizing a dazzling white light starting from the top of your head and illuminating the brain with the incredible light. From there see the white light go downward and illuminate your whole body.

The first time I did this the other day it was like getting off a spinning carnival ride, but pleasant. Earlier today I did it and I tasted a phenomenon (named in Yoga) known as Amrita. The tip of my tongue suddenly tasted something incredibly sweet and slightly bitter.

Keep in mind these experiences were on the first two times I did this meditation and for less than 5 minutes a piece. It’s that powerful!

Anyway, my apologies for not getting back to everyone on here who has messaged me individually.

If you must know just one spell or mantra or incantation I’d say it’s “Alsega”.

  • Rayne