Something watching me


summon one of Hecate’s hellhounds. just say the following incantation

“The door opens only at night. The wolves prey only on opportunity.”

then lift your index and middle finger and twirl them in a circle.

(it does not matter whether you twirl them clockwise or counter-clockwise)


why would I let it posses me? sorry if it’s a stupid question but oh well I’m here to learn anyway


Thank you, I’m gonna set up some wards then


Just do it.
That’s how you conquer your fear.
Possession is actually a good thing.
The movies, which most likely have influenced you are all bullshit.

Remember it’s the angels who are the evil agents of god who do all the killing.

Demons heal and teach us how to acquire godlike powers. They are scarecrows guarding the treasure.
Bypassing fear is a test they impart on all, once you past this test, you make more progress on the LHP.


Out of the tradition I am in, we value and encourage being possessed (mounted) by egun/spirits of the dead and those who are crowned with their Orisha be mounted by their Orisha. When under either spirit or Orisha possession, they will use the person’s body to speak to others-advice, healing, etc to dance, drink… when it’s real possession it’s truly amazing. It’s nothing to fear, but it does make you feel like you’ve been hit by a bus for a few days.


Possession by a being with evil or mischievous intentions is not amazing at all. Trust me on that one.

My advice is, don’t allow anything to possess you unless you explicitly invite it to do so. Don’t extend an invitation unless you are 100% certain of the being’s intentions, and you have a working relationship with it that’s based on mutual trust and respect.

As for banishing, you can get a burn bowl, fill it with water, place a black pillar candle in it with a ring of coarse salt around it. Put this in the centre of your home, then light the candle. The candle acts as a portal for the entity to exit through. Recite the exorcism from KoF in every room in your house with a tone and feeling of authority. Do this twice a day until it’s gone.


That’s interesting, I’m in the same tradition… My “guide” Orisha is Oxala, I’ve spoken with so many others, it’s great. I don’t feel that the spirit that was here was trying to help me or anything, maybe not trying to hurt me either, but was bothering my sleep.


Thanks everyone for helping me, I really appreciate that. I made a banishing ritual, then after a protection one. Now I’m fine and I don’t think it will come again.


Like Darkestknight said, the LBRP.

I also use Black salt in the 4 corners of the room and cleanse it with salt water. Florida water is another good alternative.

Sage is also good and make sure to do all of the mirrors, that seems to be the place most things hide or come through


Ask Lucifer for wings.


Ask Oxala to show you hidden people that could be sending egun to spy on you, someone could be testing you too. I say this because I’ve seen a lot of this type of thing happen and it’s been done to me when I was working with organized groups of practitioners.
Since I self-exiled myself and have been out of the loop for a while now, things like what you were talking about no longer occur. For years it was a bad circle and I was having to do major cleanings on myself, my house.
I think people forget that the point of being on LHP or one of the earth or ATR’s is to ascend spiritually…not to be a high school clique throwing curses and eguns at one another.
The ones I’ve had come around in the past would be real pervs and watch me in the shower.
I’d suggest moving the furniture in your bedroom around, especially the position of your bed.


I can tell you that there are things out there that you do not want attached to you. Opening yourself up to whatever is a rookie mistake and you may have a hard time getting it off you once you figure out that it’s up to no good.

Also the spirit world is not divided neatly into two camps where you have muh “evil angels” and muh “good demons.” I have never found angels to be problematic in actual practice. There are also spirits of the dead, parasites, lwa and many more. Some of these spirits will eat your family tree and shit sawdust in your face if you aren’t careful.


Often a spirits mere presence is enough to disturb sleep if it is powerful enough. I find that the influence often percolates into my dreams and results in false awakening. The experience is seldom pleasant but banishing usually does the trick. Only once have I been unable to banish something under my own steam and that was quite recently since I started working from Spider and Green Butterfly. It took Legba to get rid of it.