Something trying to talk?

So this keeps following me wherever I go and based off of particular interactions I’ve had and how my spirits like to send me music, what could this mean?


Are you reluctant to go through some kind of event because you re afraid?

Why don’t you break down the lyrics of this song?

Have you been questioning the “rules of society”, lately? Trying to live up to others expectations? Been taken for granted?

What made the spirits guide you towards this particular song? Is it relevant to the forces and powers of the spirits?

Questions. A lot of questions. Only you can figure it out.

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Why would you focus on this piece of music? There might be others following in your head. Examine the piece/lyrics and see if it is relevant to you now.

I explained that.[quote=“latakiahaze, post:4, topic:28142”]
There might be others following in your head.

Not in my head, in my life. I explained that too

Yeah I have.

Probably want me to work on it.

Depends on who’s doing the talking

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Me too. Always have, and always will, question the “rules” of society. The human collective is a fucking mess, right? Whats even more messy, is that none of them lives up to the expectations they set on others, which pissess me off sometimes. Then I just shrug my shoulders and tend to my own business. Don’t invest your precious time on fools that don’t understand you.

If you know who it is, then the message is clear as day and make sense to you. If not, wait for the next message?

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Yes. Which is why I want to take before they cause anymore trouble. The world is beautiful, then they ruined it with their senseless wars and their “projects”. They’ve wasted the knowledge the gods have given them. Intervention is necessary.

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I’ve no choice other than to wait.

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