Something to calm me down

I have an important event tomorrow and my anxiety is pretty bad despite taking my regular meds for anxiety

I feel like i alresdy did everything i could since i evoked Lord Lucifer and Duke Dantalion ro help me with everything regarding tomorrow but yet i cant shake off this anxious feeling
Ia there anything i could do or a spirit to help me to calm down? I feel like i might fuck things up if i stay this anxious

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I myself have a horrible anxiety disorder so I have bad panic attacks. I’ve called on King Paimon to instill confidence and to help me feel more sure of myself so I wouldn’t feel so anxious before job interviews. It helped forget about my anxieties and I was able to get through the interviews with no issues.

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Readinf Jean DuBuis Fundamentals of Esoteric Knowledge aqtm, and just read the square breath and practiced it.

  1. Take refuge, in your own head if nowhere else. Ive hid in bathroom stalls before doing a QC/LBRP/QC and whispering the divine names and archangel calls.
  2. Breathe the square breath, 5 in, 5 hold, 5 out, 5 pause, repeat until calm. Eyes open or shut. I like to hear a monotonous speaking voice in my head saying “In, 1, 2, 3, 4; Hold 1, 2, 3, 4; Out 1, 2, 3, 4; Pause 1, 2, 3, 4.”
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Earth Ward – Sit and breathe the square breath, taking refuge.
Imagine roots go down out of your feet, as you sit in a king or god position (sit straight in the chair, feet on floor, hands down legs ending at knees). As the root go through all soft and hard layers of the earth, they vine up with a vine, which travels upward through the earth, wrapping you head to toe in a vine suit.
Air Ward – Imagine the wind speeds up and carries you up in the jetstream, or like an unwitting cow caught up in a tornado, though you are in control.
Water Ward – You are plunged into water as a tadpole, and morph into a mer(wo)man.
Fire Ward – You are thouroughly burnt in the fire, lead melted from dross, the phoenix emerges into and as Spirit.
Spirit Ward – All four in quick succession.

  1. Mirror suit, you wear, inside and outside reflective, white in between. Head to toe like a hazmat suit.
  2. Tipped over glass, when someone annoys you or intimidates you, envision a drinking glass, tepiied over, so it traps them mute inside the glass until you break or tip the glass.
    Take refuge, even in a bathroom stall or closet. Perform Kabbalistic/Qabalistic Cross, and the Lesser Ritual of the Pentagram earth banishing (LBRP). Finish with QC/KC.

Thank you so much I’ll try that now and tomorrow

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I do too , i didnt know that King Paimon could help with it thats great to know… thank you